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For the past 17 years I've been tossing around the idea of a motor. This motor would have 2 e.m. field coils one surrounding and one surrounded by the rotor. The magnets on the rotor would be supported by a non-magnetic structure (aluminum maybe) 12" from the driveshaft. The basic idea is to use the additional leverage while reducing the overal number of windings to produce more torque while using less current. :) Have I lost it!!!!:) Or does this make perfect sence?

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outer field> ____________________________________

per.mag. rotor> -----------------------------------------

inner field > _____________________________________



axle> __________________________________


:thumbs_up HTF do you delete an unwanted post?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?

Oh well below you'll find a decent representation of my design (so happy).


Why don't drawing programs let you save as a JPG directly instead of Save> Export>Covnert>Upload>Attatch?


Hell I've got the latest versions of Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator and niether allow for direct conversion. I tried saving as a PDF but that frigged the image up (figure that one out)


So delete> back to Corel> change save format> exit Corel> open my pictures> clickclick> back into corel with the new format> export> save as web viewable JPG> open Hypo attachment manager> upload...


Just to get the stupid thing here in a usable format....SHEESH!!! I thought computers were supposed to make things easier! (You'd also think that the software would be more user/web friendly by now. STINKYPILE!! Corel has been around for at least a decade! As has the http://WWW.)

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