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i think this is a great forum.


there are pros and students like me...

i can see various opinions from many people and get a better understanding of things.


although most of them are beyond my knowledge, i can still have an idea of them....lol


(this is simply a feedback to tormod.)

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hmm... you mean those quizes?


remember last time i tried like 20 times and figure all the right answers about the diamond quiz...

and i used all my sisters and my e-mails and try to win the book.


couldnt won it, too bad.


but i think the quizes are great, theyr pretty interesting... but dont really relate to what wer discussing here...


(i got all right in the roman numeral quiz!! haha, i learnt all those in china lol...)

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The puzzles are custom made for us by a manufacturer in Oslo, Norway. The material is recycled plastic imported from Sweden. The plastic boxes are made in one piece by another manufacturer in Oslo, also from recycled plastic.


So we don't make them ourselves but they are made to our specification. Everything comes delivered in crates and then we have to put all the right pieces together, put them in the boxes and label them.



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