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Stratification? | Foliation?


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1) I don't get the difference between Stratification and Foliation...and if a rock a foliated or non-foliated, what does it mean? :)


2) How are sedimentary and metamorphic rocks different in appearance? (In other words, how can you tell whether a rock is sedimentary or metamorphic?)


3) How are cross-bedding in some sedimentary rocks formed?

These are the quotes from my text book, but I don't understand...can someone elaborate?

"cross-bedding is formed as inclined layers of sediment move forward across a horizontal surface"

"cross-bedding is formed as sediment is carried forward across a layer of sediment, and cascades down the front face of the layer"



Can someone explain? I would appreciate! ;)

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On 11/29/2020 at 9:23 AM, harun said:

I searched for the same thing but the only answer i got is that both of these terms mean layering. The only difference is stratification occurs in sedimentary rocks while as foliation occurs in metamorphic rocks. 

Just a poor man's offering: I tend to think of stratification in sediment as layers of dead vegetation. Metamorphic(change) rock is changed by pressure causing the layers . The word (foliation) refers to the appearance of leaves meaning thin layers in this case; it does not mean caused by leaves.

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