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  1. When someone calls mainstream religion a cancer they are doing the work that ISIS and the Taliban have tried to advance in the Middle East. When a member of one religion condemns another religion without being specific as to what the offenses of the other religion are, their accusation are simply nonsense. To condemn religion is no different than to condemn philosophy or condemning people with hair on their head. Common sense and the law in my country protect freedom of religion. The Communists closed churches calling religion a crime against the state. Hitler executed millions of Jews and ha
  2. Victor brought Christians into this argument. Catholics are not Bible thumpers. Catholics are taught from 'Tradition' and reading the Bible and personally interpreting the Bible was strongly discouraged. The reason it was discouraged is because it takes a trained theologist to understand it's meaning......Let me restate my argument, concisely; it defies logic to convict all Muslims for the crimes of some Muslims. Christian social services are supported by donations of members(the Faithful)of church organizations. There are no monetary rewards repaid to tho
  3. Ocean...The reason I posted the amount of Muslims estimated to practice some form of Islam was to demonstrate the fallacy of believing all Muslims could be accused of crimes committed by a group, ISIS in this case. The Old Testament records Hebrews murdering the families of their enemies. Should we blame present day Jews for these barbaric actions. You can not justify believing in the guilt of all members of a religion or a country or perhaps people who live on the same continent as individuals who commit atrocities. I am pointing out we can not use generalities in a discussion. Islam wasn't p
  4. Victor, are all scientists criminals ? Josef Mengele comes to mind. Are you accusing 1.6 billion Sunni and roughly 200 million Shia of atrocities. In 2015 Muslims were approximately 24.1% of the world population. ISIS is a perversion of Islam, not main stream. (ref:wikipedia)
  5. "No one cares" is an unproveable phrase......Generalizations are useless as logical argument. ✝️
  6. A New Year offers solutions and problems anew.
  7. Even an irresponsible, intentionally illiterate, corrupt President should have his staff be able to keep his private remarks private. If Trump didn't say something publicly then it's not 'on the record' in my opinion and should not be a problem. I presume everyone who served in the Oval Office let expletives and nasty remarks fly at times.
  8. I believe it is an error to characterize ' Religions' as malevolent organizations. Religion was and is a method to instruct and teach responsible ways for people to live together. As much as we complain about politicians, politics are necessary ways to pick leaders to govern. Just as you can have bad leaders, you can have bad religious leadership....The Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures is used to teach the philosophy of Judaism. Jews are taught morality, responsibility and respect for their neighbor. Similarly the Christian Bible(the New Testament) teaches lessons learned f
  9. If you believe the administrators of the Catholic Church committed crimes; be more specific as to the crimes they committed. There have been accusations of cover-ups of child abuse. Those should be addressed. I doubt very much that the leaders of this religious organization planned or took part in child abuse. Do you suppose other organizations that mentor or teach children might also deserve scrutiny? 'Some members' of the the Boy Scout organization have also been accused of child abuse. Do you believe the problem stops with just two organizations that have control over minors? I know crit
  10. If Lieutenant General Flynn(retired) is a double agent: how do you protect him from a foreign country retaliating against him? Maybe he gets convicted and has to be punished. Convicted but he may have protected the foreign country or maybe not? Now, because he's a friend of the President(wink), President Trump pardons Flynn.......Any thoughts on this possibility?
  11. Just a poor man's offering: I tend to think of stratification in sediment as layers of dead vegetation. Metamorphic(change) rock is changed by pressure causing the layers . The word (foliation) refers to the appearance of leaves meaning thin layers in this case; it does not mean caused by leaves.
  12. I see actual images of hospitals trying to cope with the flood of patients all around the USA. Paraphrasing myself, 1/4 million deceased, I will retract the number since that's what the discussion is based on.. .Death tolls may not be the best support for an argument. I do know how and why citizens of this country are bumping heads and mistrusting one another while politicians interfere with progress on solving troubling problems. If I post my accusations it would only be considered as political prejudice and not support a rebuttal to Ocean's position. I don't necessarily agree with the accura
  13. My Brother died in just an oxygen mask after we asked to tele-visit his room. I assume if doctors diagnosed Covid he would have been ventilated. It was more likely his long term heart failure issues, actually. His son said they had hoped to just get a supply of oxygen for home use but the EMT insisted he could not comply. He could only follow regulations and take him to hospital. My niece was diagnosed a victim of Covid 19 and passed (approx) three weeks after her father. I don't know if technically "Covid 19" is used in formal medical forms. There was a great fear of hospitalization: fear
  14. The Meaning of Life......Hmmm The answers to the most profound questions can be found on the lips of a woman. (Momma dint raise no fool)
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