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Whats your opinion about this new hypography?


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Originally posted by: Freethinker

I should probably use this chance to mention the pass word issue in changing profiles. It ALWAYS requires me to type "New" passwords. Even if i use the same one, I have to do a New Pass Word with confirmation even if all I want is a new avitar.


Not that I can't ahndle that, but it is a touch annoying.


Hm...I was not aware of this. Must be a change of policy in the new forum software. When I get the time I'll see if there is anything I can do about it.



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Just F.Y.I. there's a slight problem with the page-jump function; "last" only goes to the 7th page. Ex: the "Evolution vs Religion" thread.


MY Icon seems to be fine


"Effective techniques for interegating prisoners" -now that's something I wouldn't mind discussing, dispite the morbid implications thereof.

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