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Companies Are Now Making Wearable Brain Computer Interfaces

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This was a interesting product that I saw and I wanted to talk about it which is a wearable brain computer interface for sale that allows you using a EEG sensor system with your thoughts can do things on computers which can provide access to professional brain data in an improved and user-friendly design or possibly control computer systems such as move your mouse cursor on your computer with the right software, if you want to try using it or buy it then here is the link, links = https://www.mindtecstore.com/Emotiv-Epocx?srsltid=ASuE1wTcx81YPz5LYqteRme7s2WqjJ5wnLpbQQ7Uo1avXeMxpQuNmTzfdOw and All-in-One EEG Electrode Cap Bundle – OpenBCI Online Store


Here is a picture



Here is another one that is a EEG headband for reading your heart rate and psychological states if you want to try or buy it, link = https://ozrobotics.com/shop/eeg-device-that-can-measure-your-brain-waves-and-physiological-states/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwwISlBhD6ARIsAESAmp4Fg1oFkyzF6yniREfJC_TChtw3Nhb4sNCIarqNMJT74wErbUDtK18aAgz0EALw_wcB


Here is a picture


If interested feel free to try these systems as this is a subject much talked about on this forums by me, I just wanted to show you can actually buy Brain Computer Interfaces Online. 

Science Fiction's reference to such technologies, link = https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Mind/Machine_Interface_(SMAC)

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