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Parashurama avatar is USA


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I have got sure knowledge about many Indian avatars recently. 

Parashurama is mentioned also in the Bible : Matthew 3: 10

The axe is laid Unto the root of the trees... every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the Fire....


When we read the Word Parashurama from the end to the beginning we get :

Amra = America

Uhsa = USA

rap = rabbi


Brahmana priests give good advices to Ksatirja warriors but they won't listen.  That is why Parashurama beats those warriors 21 times.

for instance WW1 and WW2 where USA won Germany and Japan etc.

There is one enemy that he can not win. That is Rome. When he tries to win Rome the situation always end up 50-50. 






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Here is a YouTube video about Parashurama.


It may be more like a fairytale according to your opinion but what am I trying to point out is that in Japan and Germany there was a warrior class in Power and got defeated. And also nowadays Russia is trusting its weapons very much.

According to this fairytale or parable things got Better when a new Avatar called Rama is born. Then Parashurama feels that he truly has completed his mission successfully.

Sorry bout the poor scientific value of this thread. I guess no-one of you either can not give any scientific significance to this thread but I hope someone tries anyway......


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When we think about the war of Vietnam some may think that USA was not successfull then. 

But after all what was the True goal of that war? To show China that if it wants to keep on trying to make the whole world to be communists it Costs too much and USA will fight back?

And when we think if USA have many Brahmana priests it is easy to see that almost in every country there are Pentecoastals, JW, LDS, Adventists and so on. 

USA have had much influence in the religions everywhere in the world. 


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So, does the warrior Class of Ksatirjas have any right not to obey the advice the priests will give them?

And what about this Matthew 3:10.

Is It allways important for the warriors to be good or not?

At least John the baptist gave some Severe instructions to the warriors to be good. Luke 3:14.

As long as the warriors are good that Side of good warriors will win its wars? Are there any examples concerning that?

Now it seems for instance to be so that muslims are waiting for Iman Mahdi. But many American priests warn that he might be just another antichrist. Are there any ways not to obey the priests or do we have to obey them always?






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