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Thought or instinct.?


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i want to know how you classify the differance between a thought and an instinct , becuase instinct is for example. running away if your being chased by a potentialy dangerous foe, but what makes the difference of a thought. i have ways to defend against any veiws and i have debated this before with certain people , but what do you think? (you meaning some random guy on this forum). :)

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The potentials within the brain control the range of what we think. For example, if we are hungry we think of food. If we are angry we may complain or think along the line of something that bothers us, etc., The reason for this is that the creation of cerebral memory is connected to an aspect within the center of the brain. The brain center also controls the chemicals of emotions and instincts.


Many of our instincts, like hunger, etc. are on a timer. When this part of the brain releases certain chems, it will help focus our minds along the lines of the thoughts and actions needed to satisfy the instincts. It actives memory with the humger association built into it. The fear instinct, is realtime feedback, getting the body and mind working faster along the lines of fight or flight.


If we step outside of the natural cycles and natural feedback within the brain, then we enter the range of consious thought. These still make use of the center of the brain, except rather than start at the center internally or through sensory system, it usually starts directly within the cerebral matter, geting the center involved due to the memory correspondence. One can think of choclate cake and begin to get hungry. The hunger may get one off their tush to go the fridge. The sight of the cheesecake near the chocolat cake may make one hungrier. This further narrows the mind even furhter toward the needs of faster satisfaction of hunger. This last example is a thought leading to an instinct which creates thought.

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I am very rusty with my brain anatomy. I reduced my thinking to common human experience since it can reach more people.


If I recall the hypothalmus is the little brain organ that controls instinctive potentials, from sleep, to anger, desire, hunger, etc.. The emotions are controlled by The limbic system. There are two limbic sets, one set of each side of the brain close to the ventricles in the center of the brain. The hypothalamus is nearby.


The instincts are both reactionary and timed. A timer within allows certain instincts to expresss themselves at repeating intervals, i.e., sleep. Others are hard wired to sensory input. Triggering of the hard wiring, for example through sensory input, triggers the hypothalmus, which can induce memory. The limbic system works the same dual way. A female going through her monthly cycle will almost cyclically go through certain mood swings timed from within. The husband or mate will respond through sensory and learned hard wiring to form his own reactive cyclic set of emotional reactions (potentials) or limbic/hypothalmus inductions .


With both the hypothalamus and limbic system, chems are released into the body. The hypothalmus chems effect the brain through the blood supply, through a cascade of effects, including the pituatary gland, etc. While the limbic system chems works through the cerebral spinal fluid, which baths the neutrons. This neutron bath and the blood supply alters the firing environment of neurons. If we think about food, that association to hunger will trigger the hypothalamus, change the blood, the blood alters the brain bath, the new brain bath alters neutron firing potential, the memory that fire are the ones that are tune to that bath potential.


What is cool about this system is that the whole brain still works at every potential. This allows not just an image of food to appear, but everything needed to resolve the instinctive potential to become active, using all the various parts of the brain. After we eat and are full. The body senses this and switches off the hypothalamus. This alters the brain potential so the whole brain is now able to be used for another potential.


If playing video games is what we want to do, a complex combo of limbic and hypothalamus chems might be released that will allow up to focus ourselves to needs of zapping aliens. The sensory imput can still alter the hypothalamus, causing adrenilin, which will add fight/flight chems to the background limbic bath.


In a case of battle fatigue, the stronger brain potentials are left on for too long. This focus at one potential can have an impact on all the neurons. Even nonrelated neurons can start to lose branching, i.e, become linear. This can cause the brain to shut off the high potentials so the brain has time to recover. Or the linear wiring can make more things in the environment set off the high potentials.


In my experience the highest branches neurons use the most subtle limbic potentials while the more linear neurons use less branched neutrons and higher bath potentials. Animals instinct is very linear and strong whereas as human thought when one is mellow, happy, in love or at rest is often the most inclusive type of thinking.


There is one last feature of the brain. There also appear to be natural personality software within the brain. The ancients labelled each of these as a god. Aphrodiite was the goddess of love. Essentially, these software can animate and help drive the ego. For example, falling in love is a complex collective dynamics that goes beyond what the ego can create for itself. The ego sort of rides the wave until the dynamics slow down. The ego can be in love, but needs certain buttons pushed to trigger the stronger dynamics of the inner software. The ancient ritual dances around the fire would help the ancients active, for example, hunting or battle software. This would give the hunter or warrior the help of the stronger unconscious animating software. This would make them stronger and better in hunting and battle. These software can really get the juice flowing from the hypothalmus and limbic system.

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