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Good examples of contemporary computational/theoretical engineering/physics research papers


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Hi. I wasn't sure what details to add earlier but I hope the following helps.

I should clarify when I say computational, I mean computer simulation being the major/only component.

I was reading some papers on radiation detection as well as application of computational fluid dynamics for part of the system design within some of those papers. Those have both a computational as well as experimental component. But from what little I understand, there are papers that are purely theoretical as well as those that are purely computational. I was hoping someone could point out papers which serve as good examples of the method of doing such research. I'm not sure if the term is appropriate but I believe fully computational uses the phrase in silico, based on some of what I have heard elsewhere. Of course the only examples listed on the wikipedia page are of biology which is not quite what I am looking for but I hope it helps describe what I mean when I say simulation.

Cosmology papers are probably an obvious example of where a lot of purely theoretical/computational research might be done but I was hoping for physically realizable studies where one could have done experimental research (battery chemistry/medical particle accelerators/etc.) but has chosen to submit simulation results only (again only if such a thing exists). If anyone is aware, they could probably give an example in the fields I mentioned (radiation detection and CFD). However, one does not need to restrict themselves to those only.

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