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  1. I encountered a website with statistics for a large number of video games, specifically regarding their availability across various platforms, their sales over time and some other things and methods to visualize them I found this really helpful. Might there be other services like this that people find helpful, other than obvious ones like weather forecasting and data?
  2. I was reading papers on neutron flux traps. Some people in the University of Tehran used MCNP to determine effectiveness of different neutron moderators. Context out of the way, my question is regarding the situation. How did researchers paid by an organization like the University of Tehran get access to a software like MCNP?
  3. Or at least honing ones current scientific skill/knowledge? How would one go about this? NOTE: I am talking about a non-pandemic or otherwise non-emergency situation.
  4. I'm in nuclear engineering and it seems fairly laid back. Everyone feels like bit of a party animal and the faculty don't seem to be in a particular rush to get things done.
  5. I mean apart from the obvious that they'll select some research topic and learn about that.
  6. Oh don't get me wrong. Our advisor doesn't obligate any of us to it (unless nobody shows up then well... IDK) and usually takes us out for an evening of feasting on their tab. I'm guessing the net loss is still much less than hiring movers, however.
  7. So our group advisor had to move our equipment from one lab to another since the department was moving to another building. Our advisor and us pitched in using uhaul to bring it where it was needed. I MAY choose academia in the future and personally, I would not want my students to have to handle the move themselves. Is there any alternative way to handle it? Is there a good reason to do it the way formerly described, anyway?
  8. Well seems like I am getting highly varying answers from all the various places that I have asked. Just to be clear, I am not saying I don't talk to anyone who likes to or enjoys speaking to me or that I don't help when asked for. But I really don't feel comfortable going out of my way to go to parties or unnecessarily engage people because all I ever feel is that everybody gets piss drunk or there is simply bland, low level, gossip, respectively or perhaps somewhat overlapping. I think my time would be better spent honing my core skills. Networking seems more chance based than tha
  9. When you put it like that, that sounds so manipulative and antithetical to the idea of friendship. Though I understand what you are trying to say. I just don't feel I have been able to effectively do what you have suggested.
  10. I've talked to a few people and I think I get the basic gist that you talk to a bunch of people in your field, some outside, make friends and then you have a 'network' of people with certain skills you can fall back on when you need it and your own ability in that area is insufficient and vice versa when they need you. However, practically, for some reason, I just can't fathom it. Or maybe I don't want to. I don't know. Maybe it's my background/upbringing. I haven't thought about it too much. All I know is that it's important and the few people I have asked about it, I couldn't fully und
  11. Even so, one has access, not necessarily the knowledge itself. Assuming they do manage to learn a lot, I'm not aware of how one person from one field makes contributions to a related but quite different field by direct study, within the modern research framework. For example, I don't think I could ever expect someone that is by trade a mechanical engineer to contribute to the study of understanding the properties of dark matter. At best they may help design the detector from given specs. Nor do I expect them to come up with a new interpretation of quantum mechanics or a new algorithm for crypt
  12. We've reached a point where it seems like you can't be an expert in everything. But it seems from history that there was a time when you could be good at all the latest research subjects. Over what time period did those changes happen and what changes happened for such a shift?
  13. I don't know your experiences (apart from the ones you showed). Maybe it is true. Personally, I can't say. Well let me tell you guys, that I used to believe in homeopathy once. Didn't know the actual workings. Just that it was "cheaper" under the circumstances and that it "worked" for some people and it seemed to "work" for me for a while as well. Until it didn't anymore and I decided to see how it "works". I'm not a medical expert but once I read up on it a bit, I got the feeling that there might be some quackery involved so I stopped putting any faith in it. Turns out that my body was r
  14. That's a very cynical view to take, especially, since as I feel, we all need to support each other. Holding someone in contempt doesn't seem like it would help, more so if you have trouble keeping your feelings in check. At least I do often.
  15. Or maybe even talked to someone who doesn't do science but has an interest in the knowledge? How was your experience?
  16. Ah thanks. That's really helpful. I'll remember this for the future.
  17. Thanks. I have read the second one. I have seen the first in my professors office. I'll be sure to check it out. Though I think they mostly focus on the plasma physics aspect with less attention to the neutronics and materials effects, such as plasma confinement and energy requirements for sustained fusion. I would really appreciate any suggestions for the neutronics and materials, if they exist.
  18. Hardcore! That must take a long time, especially if they are dealing with a foreigner. Better apply to all the jobs including the ones without needing a clearance.
  19. My point was to ask, within the context I have given, does one stand to lose anything by telling the truth? I understand well enough that lying and not answering the question fully would be a disqualification. Ah well. I can't say I know much about that let alone the US checks. There is some speculation that the it's not the lie detectors but the act. It's not like the devices can read your mind. Though your vitals in response to a certain question are a good indicator as well as how you respond, not just the response. Of course, if what I posit is true, it brings to question whether
  20. Ah thanks for that. Any suggestions to the rest? Must learns as a nuclear engineer or just good to know as a nuclear engineer/physicist?
  21. I'm asking for suggestions in various categories as some of them might be more important for coursework whereas others might be more recreational and to expand knowledge. I know for example that Knoll is the go to for radiation detection and Lamarsh and Baratta is the most important for intro to nuclear engineering (of course some disagree with dumbing down in it, which is why I ask). Any books that anyone would like to recommend as a must have for core nuclear courses? Other books that I'm looking for are more for my knowledge. For example, I found introductory nuclear physics by
  22. Then why not just tell the truth? So far it sounds like there is nothing to lose. Can't (presumeably) clear the check, can't apply for the job. Apply and let the authorities decide. If you don't get it, the situation remains the same as when you couldn't apply. The problem comes in the fact that if there is or isn't a time limit on someone being able to speak of said crime. Even if they did their time, reformed and it was all at least a decade ago, would there still be some crime that is an obvious automatic blacklist regardless of time and reformations? I don't know why anyone would say
  23. What is the point of withdrawing from a check while receiving clearance if one has committed a heinous crime? From what I have discussed with some friends, once someone is denied, they are blacklisted from clearances. Someone in such a situation, would they have anything to lose whether they withdrew or not? Just morbidly curious.
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