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The Space is intelligent simulation?


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Space itself must have intelligence to nullify the qualities of the things that occur in space.

For instance electric Charges always tend to nullify each other because the space itself wants it to be so. 


And how about mass and velocity in space. Is It always so that they Annul each other in a way or other so that space always is empty and void?



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And is the probability too part of the intelligence of space. Somehow space makes everything to have tendency to become nullified so that space remains void.

If there is 200 White side up and 1000 black side up space itself turns things to be 600 White side up and 600 black side up.

What an huge intelligence if probability is universum Wide and eternal. What you do in Andromedae has an effect what happens on earth. And how Caesar threw his dice 2000 years ago has an effect on your dice here and now.



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There must always be a balance within qualities of things which balance keeps space void and empty. In such a ways that satisfy the space and its laws and its intelligence. 

So every proton and electron must find each other because space itself makes them to find each other no matter how far apart they are from each other. Let them be 100 lightyears apart from each other and still they Come together.



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