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Has Anyone proposed anything similar to my own Big Bang Expansion variation?


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I have my own theory on the Big Bang, similar to inflation but more plausible to imagine in a thought exercise.
I have listened to a lot of theories on this over the years and I like to do my own Thought exercises on the subject but with a different perspective on someone who has led an academic life.
During one of my thought exercises on Expansion theory I was trying to imagine the primordial Atom being Expelled from "The Bulk" or "sub-space" or whatever you want to call a place with no space, time or matter but unlimited energy, into what would soon become our universe.

Our universe emerged through the quantum uncertainty principle creating matter in a dimensionless sub-space universe of infinite potential. That infinitesimally small piece of matter created out of nothing also created a tiny space in this dimensionless universe which due to it's dimensionless nature expelled that space into 3 of the 16 potential dimensions, or how ever many string theory now postulates, outside itself. It 
I guess that most people just imagine a singularity just appearing but I wondered that as it is appearing it is the only space in the universe to occupy so where is the doorway it was expelled through at this point?

To those dimensions the sub-space would be smaller than a singularity but for this plank time instant it exists and the space it has expelled, also the size of a singularity but containing an almost infinite amount of potential from the sub-space universe that flooded into it before it was expelled. This then gives a singularity sized universe wrapped around the singularity that has expelled it and will not allow return.

My conclusion was that during this first instant of Plank Time the doorway existed as 1 singularity that had expelled a universes worth of Super-force ( I just call it pure potential) into another singularities worth of space/time and they existed as, effectively, a white hole spewing Super-force in all directions wrapped around another singularity that is actively rejecting any return through itself before vanishing as time began to move. For that first instant it was inflating itself with it's outpouring going inwards as well as outwards because it had 2 surfaces to, as the saying goes, the size of a football. The first part of inflation?

The Potential, when exposed to dimensions turns to energy and space which start to spread out but also try to explode inwards, so inflating itself to the point where it shatters into an untold number of fragments These white hole fragments explode into the space already created  vomiting the universe as super-force energy out in plank time into the space already growing around each of them, each pushing itself away from the others until the point where the energy cools enough to go through a state change and transitions into matter and gains mass. At this point whatever is left of those fragments of white hole also transitions into matter but still so densely packed they become the supermassive black holes we still see shaping our universe around themselves ever since.

Instant super massive black holes everywhere surrounded by all that energy, space and matter it just ejected!

Is anybody working on something along these lines or am I the only one who has had this thought?


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