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Black Hole Warheads for Defense of Earth Against Hostile UFOs/UAPs


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It has been long awaited but this is my thread about Black Hole Weapons and how with today's technology we could create Black Hole warheads, back in 2015 I was trying to figure out a way that Humans could defend ourselves from hostile Aliens if the species ever came under attack by a hostile alien species, one of the devices that was come up with was the idea of Black Hole Warheads which would create a Micro or Mini Black hole then destroy a star. Now you may ask how is this actually possible to do with the technology of the 21st century and this post will about how to create a Micro or Mini Black hole warhead which would cost around 20 Trillion dollars to produce but would destroy stars upon impact.

First, we start with a design that is well known the Particle accelerator, these devices use magnetic fields to accelerate particles to near the speed of light and in some cases have been used to create Micro Black holes such as at CERN where in 2012 CERN had successful created a Micro Black Hole which evaporated very quickly due to lack of mass, but here is a video about CERN.

Continuing if we can accelerate protons together and smash them to create Mini black holes what is stopping us from doing this within the shell of a missile, the idea is we could create two particle accelerators within a missile and smash protons together exactly as what is being done at CERN, to create Micro Black holes within the mass of a Star this would cause the Micro Black Hole to grow into a normal black hole and not evaporate due to lack of mass as the black hole would have the mass of a star to feed upon eventually consuming the star over the period of growth of the black hole.

The only engineering problem with this design with current technology is the device would have to be huge with current Superconducting Magnets to create a Black hole to get the Particle stream up to 6 Tev the size of the warhead would have to be large enough to allow two 27 Km sized particle accelerators to give birth to the Micro Black hole that will consume the star when detonated within it, but the destructive yield of this device is ‭23,900,000,000‬ Yottatons assuming it creates a average stellar supernova upon impact when the star turns into a Black hole from the Micro black hole cannibalizing all the mass of the star, as the mass of our Mini or Micro Black hole grows the Schwarzchild Radius will grow too and the entropy will stablize to the point that it doesn't evaporate leaving a black hole in place of the star.


I hope you now see how it is possible to destroy a star with our current technology though it would require significant resources to construct even one of these devices called Black Hole Warheads, but within physics this technology works despite the massive size of each device, The Size of the Black hole created can be determined from the Mass of the Star it is destine for by using the Schwarzchild Radius Equation.

As the mass grows so does the time that the black hole will exist grows to as decay time is directly related to mass as well, thus as the mass of the star is consumed by the growing black hole you could create a permanent Black hole in the star system that it was used in once it hits a critical mass the black hole will not decay, killing everything in the solar system by thermal death "Freezing" or by the possible supernova of the star as the Black hole consumes its mass.

This requires that you put a very density material around the Micro or Mini Black hole to start the initial growth of the black hole such as Thorium or Plutonium as to make sure the black hole doesn't evaporate before it can eat from the Star's Mass and grow into a star destroying black hole.


Would it be dDMaterial/dtEvaporation = (-16πG^2 MBH^2 / C^4)(1/(10C^2))1/2 ((ℏ^4c^12/(4096π^4 G^4 kb^4 MBH^4 ))/(C^2  dVmaterial) = -ABHσBHTBH^4 /dVmaterial ? Which basically comes out to ‭176,062,111,267.764‬ Density Volume Per second to stabilize the black hole. So to actually create the black hole you would need a dense shell of material with much volume to actually start the black hole before it hits the star, if it were thorium with a density of 11,720 kg per m3 , you would need a volume of 15,022 km3 in the first second to start the black hole reaction which can be achieved due to the strong gravitational forces of the BH would begin to draw in the star's matter which has a density of 1410 kg per m3. So the initial conditions are very important, this device must detonate inside the Star to work. In ‭‭.00000354 seconds within the star it would absorb that much Volume required at a velocity of attraction of C, which meets the requirement of 15,022 km^3 in 1 second to avoid evaporation of the Mini or Micro Black Hole, thus there is one truth to this matter these devices must be detonated within a dense object to set off the chain reaction that destroys stars.

Thanks for your insight dubbel that calculations seems to agree with you that indeed even a small black hole of 16 Tev would be enough to destroy a star given a close enough proximity to give it enough mass as to not evaporate though and cease to be a black hole it seems you will always be fighting Evaporation at small sizes such as the 16 Tev example which would be the largest artificial Black hole that humans could create with current technology but larger ones would have small evaporation effects thus would not be as much of a issue, but even a small one would suffice to destroy a star or planet if given the proper initial conditions to avoid losing its black hole status to evaporation. It is funny something like a spark if a black hole could destroy a planet or star but that is the nature of black hole's even stellar black hole's probably start as a very small one like these, just little sparks that consume everything and grow to the size of Super massive black hole someday given enough mass, it is amazing the size growth of these.

I originally assumed that CERN had created a black hole during it's test and it was classified by the European Union however this may not be the case. If indeed you cannot create a black hole at lower energies of TEV, the size of the device may need increased or better magnets used and acceleration to higher kinetic energies may be required to actually make a micro black hole however the principals of the device should still work. We don't really know what the "Real Universe" lower limit on black hole energy/mass is exactly, I just guessed if you made any energy-mass to a size where gravity's pull is equal to the speed of light it would work, however there may actually be a size limit that you can have a black hole of XMinimum size or MMinimum mass, but no smaller.  I am however certain that if a you feed a micro black hole energy and mass to a greater amount than the hawking radiation that it will grow into a stellar black hole given enough energy and mass to consume.

Here is CERN's Official stance on the subject, Link = https://angelsanddemons.web.cern.ch/faq/black-hole.html

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  • Vmedvil changed the title to Black Hole Warheads for Defense of Earth Against Hostile UFOs/UAPs
On 12/19/2022 at 10:06 PM, Vmedvil said:

Now you may ask how is this actually possible to do with the technology of the 21st century and this post will about how to create a Micro or Mini Black hole warhead which would cost around 20 Trillion dollars to produce but would destroy stars upon impact.

You seem to imply that the technology for this exists at all, let alone now.

First of all, if Earth is under attack from aliens, of what possible inconvenience would it be to them for us to in some way cause a star to stop shining. The only one in reach is our own, and even that one requires more delta-V to reach than our technology allows, more than needed to escape the solar system. Hence these places are only reachable via gravitational boosts which take years and require precise timing windows, something hardly available during an attach.

The sort of payload you're describing dwarfs anything having been put into space.

Secondly, such a black hole is going to evaporate pretty much immediately and will not grow. It has no more gravitational attraction than say a helium atom, something probably more massive than this hypothetical black hole that somebody claims may have made.

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The technology does exist look at CERN...


Yes, with current aerospace technology it would be difficult to move a payload this size however maybe with the newer nuclear-powered spacecraft or antimatter powered spacecraft this will be viable by around the year 2100.


Well, inside a stellar mass black hole do form naturally so the idea is to initiate the reaction artificially which may require a larger acceleration ring if a larger black hole is required and does evaporate at this size of 12 Tev from the usage of two 6 Tev accelerators in the warhead, but however according to the hawking equations for black holes it should begin to cannibalize the star upon impact with 12 Tev.

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