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My thesis is derived by the fact that water surrounds the form and shape we take or make. With a splash we can inhibit and create ideas, such as when the axis of the moon tells us too.  Although we are all made up of mostly water, significant in itself, it is the sun moon and stars that pull the magnetic chemistry which create are thoughts and ideas.  Let me start at a point...no particular order persay.

I was sitting silently and took in the pitter patter of rain drops upon some metal flashing.. It was harmonic, music to the ears, and purposefully synchronized as well as perfect as a drummer keeping a timed beat.

I thought to myself, why and how can this be, other than the energy formed by each drop of rain creating its own splash of wisdom.

Once upon a time I was fortunate enough to see each snow flake fall individually as if to stop time in its tracks.  I use this theory to observe each interaction with life as an individual one of a kind "no two blah blah are alike philosophy... And it will always hold true.


I sort of got off topic with my thesis , but every snow flake that falls is a one of a kind experience... Mathematics cannot duplicate it...therefore.  We all hold an ocean in our eyes.  Six degrees of separation can help explain this.

Im Canadian, I've shovelled a lot a snow, cheer go leafs go and love wu tang.  Bet I can relate to some here , some there and some not at all.  But if I was to guess, everyone drinks water...to me that's like saying we are "all in together". 

In closing, "be water my friend", my water is James brown type funk n jazz n smiles.  Others have crocodiles for smiles.  Be one with nature.  I think people really really lack this.  

Anyway I look forward to feedback , criticism, conflict and harmony.  To quote john Lennon " and the world can live as one/be as one...

Were into an intellectual future..let's all be on the same page, or at least in the same book...

peace Bobby 

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