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Found 10 results

  1. I'd like to learn how to identify substances given NMR calculations. If you have or know where to find such information, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've always been extremely skeptical of the Copenhagen interpretation. I'm aware of its use in explaining the probability distribution of subatomic particles, but the extent to which the idea has been taken, simply seems unrealistic. I'd very much like to see a mathematical/scientific proof of some kind which more adequately affirms/debunks the veracity of this interpretation.
  3. I remember hearing someone say "almost infinite" in this video. As someone who hasn't studied very much math, "almost infinite" sounds like nonsense. Either something ends or it doesn't, there really isn't a spectrum of unending-ness. In this video he says that ''almost infinite'' pieces of verticle lines are placed along X length. Why not infinit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Yq8nqIn2X8
  4. Everything relies on mathematics . From your descion making/emotions ( complex chemical reaction in your brain) to black holes. Everything can be calculated/predicted. Although we don't have the technology to do such complex problems, we will have it in a distant future. Mathematics forms the basis of everything. Like maths, which is a fundamental explanation to everything ( for now), is there anything other than it that can form a base to explain everything in universe and is it possible to make some theory like it? Is there anything that doesn't depend on mathematics ? University students/
  5. I am pursuing M.SC. in Physics and I am studying in IITs as I cracked Joint Admission Test for Physics. I wanted to know if US or Germany have some research based projects in Pure science. What are some good future research topics and career options for me. My field of interest is optics.
  6. I believe that the universe is bias, and intelligence is the goal of eradicating bias - however, assuming reflection is the means to doing this, what is the resolution relative to the force enacting the reflection?
  7. This is like teddy bears and planets. What is the scope of causation?
  8. Can sameness and difference have an alternative?
  9. Thoughts are needed, for a life form to appreciate outer space, but thoughts also mean history itself - they mean repetition, and violence and identity. What is the resolution?
  10. Dr. Chris Nagel has been able to, by manipulating the knotted structure of matter with light, craft magnetized copper, transparent copper, iron harder than diamond, nickle you can shatter like glass with a hammer, and dozens of other elements with tailored properties. His patent claims underlying relativistic transformations: "Devices improve control by selection, inversion, fortification, uniformization and mapping background energy (including vacuum energy, dark energy and/or dark matter, grid or brane energy) and including electromagnetic energies in various forms and states of aggregatio
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