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Okay here’s what we should do if we want to live longer lives.

First of all, we already have the the tech to make hospitals obsolete it’s called nanites. Immortal Jellyfish and Salamanders have better genes than us and it just takes a few molecular injections to fix our most pressing problems (& no doing what jellyfish genes do won’t turn us into jellyfish but it will prevent aging).

Warp drives are a piece of cake. I’ve figured them out, and although stable fusion ain’t happening with warp drives we can get a few thousand miles from the surface of the sun on batteries from earth surface launch before the batteries run out, we’ve seen ufos in the Nimitz encounter using them, & although stable fusion isn’t ever possible without the mass of the sun compressing it constantly you can eat off the mantle of the entire earth to build rings within a few thousand miles of the sun and convert 20% of the suns total output into antimatter.

Tegmark says every 10^33 meters there’s a doppleganger of every human with exact same history, so with unlimited warp and antimatter you can just go there somewhere beyond the particle horizon. By the time you’ve sent a spacecraft you’re receiving two from another two sources, they can send two canisters at about the time you send one canister of AM to the other earth, using 1/3 AM you can receive 20% more AM than you had before. Within expenditures. This exceeds a type 3 in that you have infinite energy without starlight and you have infinite computing power to simulate and watch events around or relating to you before they even happen.

Otherwise we can listen to fiat and run out of fossil fuels from dead Jurassic forests and not be able to drive anywhere and await a supernova stuck like a duck who’s crap outta luck. 

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beyond housing 70 trillion people freely the thing doubles up as a particle accelerator that can make enough antimatter to survive the last stars turning into inert neutronium remnants. Better than a type 3.

yet we’re still stuck on the dilemma of the weight increase of adding enough rocket fuel to make it past the flinging out of material too close to the suns spinning axis, with a Nimitz like ufo that uses antimatter it’s so simple and that’s my sales pitch because if I know one thing it’s physics.

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