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Fundamental forces of the universe by Astrogeomanity

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1. TIME:
The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future are regarded as a whole. Fundamental Forces are Forces that act between bodies of matter and that are mediated by one or more particles.

a fundamental interaction of nature that acts between subatomic particles of matter.

The fundamental force that acts between leptons and is involved in the decay of hadrons.

Phenomena and the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields.

The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.

A sound particle is an imaginary infinitesimal volume of a medium, that shares the movement of the medium in response to the presence of sound at a specified point or in a specified region.

a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

Fundamental forces - Astrogeomanity.png

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How about Chance or Probability?

Is Chance a force that effects on everything whole Universe wide?

If someone plays cards in Andromeda galaxy 100 years ago and gets in the poker two pairs does this affect on what hand I can get here on earth today?

This is real great problem to me. Not a joke.  If such a great force exists what is its nature?


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Does it matter how many dices there are in the Universe?

A. One dice 100000 throws 100000 seconds

B. Six dices 100000 throws 16000 seconds

C. 1000000000 dices 100000 throws 0.0001 seconds

Is there some kind of magic when throwing six dices compared to four dices?

More there are dices in the Universe more quickly the Chance has to count the results?




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