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Dynamic Gravity theory to explain dark matter, cosmic ray energy, etc.


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As an abstract: The dynamical nature of gravity force is one little unaccounted detail that responds to many opened scientific questions.

I have a theory which explains the Gravity as dynamical force which appears only between moving particles. Actually electric and strong (aka nuclear) forces also appears only between particles, but as static ones.

This theory has few conclusions. One of them that the infinitly continued relative movement of all bodies in the space remains by means of dynamical force of gravity.


1. Stars in any galaxy move with weak acceleration. By time they their orbit and speed increase. When they reach the galaxy's periferia their velocity increased greatly.
This is explanation for dark matter phenomena.

2. Cosmic rays get their high speed and energy during the weakly accelerated (by gravity) movement between galaxies after mil-ons and bil-ons years.
Known "knee" shift in the energy spectrum of cosmic rays demonstates the border between galaxy nad extragalaxy ones. Only the extragalaxy cosmic rays have energy exceed galaxy's ones by times, because the distance between galaxies much bigger then galaxys' size, and extragalaxy cosmic rays get thier superiorioty in the velocity and energy over the galaxy ones by weak gravity acceleration in this distances.

There are many other conclusions in the Dynamical Gravity theory.

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