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Found 21 results

  1. I have finished a new idea that appears to unify all of the force except the weak nuclear force (I need to research that more to understand it). Here is the PDF file:
  2. I have a new unification theory that may be better than my older ideas. The older ideas calculated, but were somewhat not probably. This new theory is more probable and matches all the measured data for the strong force, gravitation, electromagnetic unification with Planck's constant and therefore matter. It keeps the wave-particle system together. Here's the PDF: 20200828WaveCurvatures.pdf I'll post the equations in a while in the thread.
  3. Is it strictly quantum information when in that state? Is gravity and decoherence interlinked?
  4. Does the mathematical rotations from a black hole onto the fabric of spacetime cause the time in spacetime? Is a black hole winding spacetime fabric for the QM/classical boundary? Anything that experiences gravity ages. The fabric of spacetime is delivering time from black holes via gravity. An anti-Gravity device would also be an anti-Time device.
  5. In physics, there are terms: mass, speed, acceleration, moment, force, work, energy, but nowhere has the term "movement". So I ask anyone who knows some physical law or equation in which a member of the equation is called a "movement" to let me know. Without that, I don't understand what "physics professors" think when they claim Sir Isaac Newton gave them "Laws of Movement"! So what is it? I was taught at school that Sir Isaac Newton gave us the "Law of Force" and the three principles (laws) on the operation of that Force. The most important principle we first learned was the "action and
  6. Hello! I would like to present you the only correct model of gravity and energy distribution in relative motion. I've spent around 6 weeks and wasted some 8 pages format a5 on calculations, while looking for the right formula - it took me so long, because I did such things for the first time in some 20 years or so and also, this was that part of physics, which as far as I remeber, I've always hated at most... I wonder, what then can explain all those generations of professional physicsts, who didn't even think about trying to calculate such things... If you really want to show me, that theoret
  7. Frequency Universe realities Theory Sorry the long one was a bit vague . All life and matter is energy based . It all has a frequency . It also vibrates which is called a resonance . Since all matter has a similar Frequency and the concept of a mirror type style of a universe. Could we change our frequency ?and if we could , what would it do? Possibly break apart the object or shift it to another frequency? Your thoughts?
  8. I've been exploring fractals as part of a rather long term philosophy project and have had a good deal of success modeling the simplest structures of my system with the folded geometry of the mandelbox. In addition to meeting the logical constraints I've established it seems that the geometries of the Mandelbox are capable of recreating nearly every photo and representation of quantum holography I've come across. I've also found that generating interference patterns within the fractal allows me to model dynamic processes and larger scale concepts in physics like gravitational lensing, gravitat
  9. Basically I’m attempting to design a time machine using a new model of physics which relies on the postulate that gravity is not cause by mass or rather that the weight that is supposedly the cause of space bending like a hole is actually caused by spin & electromagnetic forces by a torus energy field type mechanism where the SMBH at the centre of the galaxy is not just a hole but is rather attracting planetary bodies to its centre with electromagnetism due to the spin kind of like water goes down the drain , torrential currents in space , I am proposing that the magnetic poles of stars ar
  10. The fundamental forces, like gravity, electric force and magnetism are explained via the mechanism of a screw, where a "Field Line" is interpreted as a turning screw and the direction of the linear force is obtained by the right hand rule. This simple screw mechanism was briefly alluded to by Maxwell in his famous four part paper, The Physical Lines of force. My work can be found at the link below: If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. Thank you
  11. The Interactive Space is an attempt to interpret physics through the concept of a non-Euclidean Universe. Here, starting from quantum space, the Universe is described as an emergent set governed by the principles of thermodynamics. Formally, the Interactive Space lacks a proper mathematical formulation (except for the dimensional interactive factor). So far, a qualitative description of the possible cosmological dynamics from which gravity could emerge, has been provided. Moreover, Interactive Space's logical structure aims to provide possible explanations for those open issues (e.g. big ba
  12. I wrote a book about gravity and want to share it with you and get your feedback. This book considers mechanics of gravity based on the Theory of Everything, which was written some time ago but did not get a lot of attention because it was based solely on logic and not mathematical formulas, so I decided to write a few of descriptions of various phenomena so it becomes more conformant to scientific work. Also there is considered resolution of wave-particle duality, and some other stuff. The book is available here: http://knowledgeofeverything.com/gravity.pdf It has explanation of phenomena
  13. Hi Guys, I have completed research (actually just a bit completed it, since it is based on enormous previous scientific research) which I call 'Knowledge of Everything', what means that it represents complete basic physical knowledge about the Universe, which was just released to public several days ago. Unfortunately the book is written not in English but there's short introduction in English which explains core stuff and one/several evenings by reading short several pages description should be enough to basically understand it. It includes: - Explanation of gravitation and notes about it
  14. I'm gonna start off by saying that I by no means am an expert on physics. I'm only 14, but I'm curious about spacetime and gravity. My current understanding is that time actually is bent in a curve relative to mass, and that we perceivee time as being straight but that it actually is bent because straight lines cant exist in a universe filled with mass. Im pretty sure Im missing something, so to what extent is this correct? Thanks
  15. Here is an article about my revised Newton's gravity formula
  16. Time as we are told is relative, determined by mass and or velocity of an object. The larger or faster the object the greater the gravitational field will be. The great work in America on the LIGO detector has proved the existence of gravitational waves. I propose that gravity is natural function of the universe and that time is an expression that. Therefore the universe could be best described as SPACE/GRAVITY not SPACE/TIME. From this the "arrow of time" is derived from gravity. Super massive black holes create, according to theory, infinite density at their centre
  17. Hi, I need some assistance understanding moments of inertia. I am doing some review for an upcoming exam, however I am slightly stumped by this question. I have already tried googling "moments of inertia" to try and understand the concept better, but I am having issues knowing when to apply which formulas. I have attached my specific question and the "answer" to the question, hopefully someone can help me understand how to get the answer. ---- Two identical slender rods of length l and mass m are linked together at 90deg, as shown in figure Q4a (image attached), to form a link in a mechani
  18. Hi all, In school, we've been taught that while in space; we can float around and have no weight at all. You can float around, yes. Having no weight at all is an entirely different story. The formula for weight is what? : Mass * Gravity. Now if I'm to prove my point, I need to first prove that space isn't Zero-G (Zero Gravity). Let's for instance take the sun; all planets are in a orbit around it, due to? Yes, Gravity! So if for some reason you jumped out of your rocket, you won't leave the Galaxy. You'll just obtain an orbit around the sun unless you're accelerating at high levels. So
  19. Can physical forces have biographies, with chapters? If people can have biographies, and people are relative to gravity, is it fair to suggest that gravity should get a biography? Suppose gravity between 2003 and 2007.
  20. I have developed a definition that I believe supports the idea that interactions with variances in density of a smallest substance and the void it exists within is responsible for gravity, as well as the existence of all particles and the energy they possess. http://www.gravitydefined.com/ please offer your feedback.
  21. Open source software development has demonstrated that unaffiliated volunteers from all over the world, can produce projects of quality that equals or exceeds that of small(er) groups of paid professionals. The volunteer status of the contributors is only coincidental. The reason for the success of the open-source paradigm of development is that it enables an unlimited number of minds from all over the world, not necessarily affiliated beyond a common interest in the project, to work together. Ideally, everyone, paid as well as volunteer, will contribute merely because they have something to
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