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Best place to find downloadable patents

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I often use old Patents as inspiration for my projects.

Since "Google Patent Search" has become the default Patent Search engine, it has become dramatically harder to FIND and then to DOWNLOAD a Patent.

I can't even FIND the old Search Engine that I used to use. No, I don't know the name. It used to be, all that I had to do was enter "Advanced Patent Search" and there it was. Now, I can't dig it out!

I actually HAD the Patent Number for an old Patent from 1872—and it was HARD to find the Patent.

Then I couldn't save the Patent—"Web Archive" only. Eventually, I managed to find a downloadable version...


Would you believe that "Quora" censored my request as being against their policy!?!

What!?! Have they invested in "Google Patent Search"!?!  

Anyway, what do y'all use?




…..Saxon Violence

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