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Metamorphic Bio-Machinery For Biological Immortality


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"Metamorphic code can also mean that a virus is capable of infecting executables from two or more different operating systems (such as Windows and GNU/Linux) or even different computer architectures. Often, the virus does this by carrying several viruses within itself. The beginning of the virus is then coded so that it translates to correct machine-code for all of the platforms that it is supposed to execute in, This is used primarily in remote exploit injection code where the target platform is unknown."



It seems with the first Bio-machines made of frog stem cells I need to step up my game. From my understanding a computer program with A.I. was used to create these new "Bio-Machines" called Xenobots. So, I am going to create a metamorphic plasmid that is a Bio-machine within the next couple of posts. I am thinking a fully synthetic programmable organism for my next project as it seems to be the way of the future building off Metamorphic gel(http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/35125-t-cell-metamorphic-gel-infected/) which is a 50 chimera synthetic organism. The Previous versions of the Metamorphic Plasmids are not that much different from Xenobots with a different method of creation with enucleation as the method for Xenobots and Oligonucleotide synthesis as the method for metamorphic gel. The Xenobots were created from frog stem cells and the metamorphic gel was created from bacteria cells, but the Xenobots were constructed from a A.I. Blueprint and are programmable on the cellular level not the nano level using this method, I will construct a new race of organism upon the principals used in Xenobots. The first step is to create the blueprint and function on the cellular level which will be to eliminate viruses from the genome of other cells along with bacteria from the bloodstream.




Metamorphism Gene Map



Metamorphic Plasmid (33,2) , Metamorphic Viral types A and B being the Retroviral Variant and  T4 Variant created from Metamorphic Plasmid variant A.


then move toward changing this basic form into a bio-machine by adding genes into the 33 gene max area of the plasmid.

Using the Cas9 section of the original metamorphic plasmid (33,2) many functions can be used upon the cell by coding the long 99,000 bp section of the plasmid, the plasmid can be made to silence a total  of 990 genes using 100 bp guide RNA sequences. The gene disruption of the plasmid upon viruses will utilize the cas9 machinery targeting viruses within cells and bacteria via the Viral Variants of the Metamorphic plasmid much like the vector/vaccines. The usage of this to purely remove viruses would make it a sort of virus killing bio-machine though this still must be coded on the genetic level, the function is on the cellular level.


Bio-machine Virus Hunter 1 -> 990 different viruses example



This could theoretically silence the genes of 990 different viruses on the cellular level by entry into the cells with the Guide RNA, this could also remove genes of bacteria too by utilizing the bacteriophage variant of the bio-machine hunting them in the bloodstream by cleavage of the genes of the bacteria or both bacteria and viruses using the CRISPR damaging them on the genetic level like the (http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/35250-phage-augmented-white-blood-cells/) thread's modification.

When applied to cancer cells the Metamorphic Bio-machines can take a different form being that they have gene sequences being added to the organism much like the cousin viral nanobots/vectors. Let's say the P53 pathway was being compromised in a cell causing cancer, these metamorphic bio-machines could be programmed to transmit that pathway too.



Also they could be used to transmit entire pathways of things like DNA repair.



These genes would also be transmitted to bacteria via the T4 Variant not just Cells via the Retroviral Variant, which isn't particularly useful in this scenario unlike the Bacteria and Virus killing Bio-machine however you could have the bacteria killing Guide RNAs included within a cancer cure which would make the patient immune to cancer and bacterial infection. The ability of multi-use becomes possible with the size of the carrying capacity of the Viral Variants of the Bio-machine the Virii become like hands for the bio-machine being produced constantly by the Metamorphic Bio-machine as effecting cells and bacteria.

It seems there maybe more to making the Bacteriophage T4 structure uptaking the Pol-Gag genes then I originally considered there may have to be two sets of Pol-Gag, one that is modified for the bacteriophage and one for the HIV-1 Vector segment, this was not the answer I had hoped for however it seems to be the physical truth as answered by Physics Forums member, Ygggdrasil in the thread (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/expression-of-pol-gag-in-different-viruses.983530/).

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Good news on my side the patent has now been submitted for examination on the non-provisional patent and publication will happen 1/16/2025, so most likely a patent will be issued until 2043 on the Metamorphic Bio machinery and Metamorphic Plasmids and the constructed DNA repair pathways for any animal.


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