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Mind Uploading And Immortality In Silicon


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I, Vmedvil, have been doing some research into the area of cyborgization and Digital Immortality aka Mind Uploading and I think I have a process for making people able to upload into Robotic bodies from Organic bodies using math..... What else...

To begin we will start with some knowledge about the human brain, the human brain is basically a set of microcomputing cells called neurons which have a set number of states of electrical simulation that they can go into that keep and store information based on the amount of charge they carry. These neurons as we all know are the working part of the Organic computer the brain which are just like any other cell other than they never divide outside a Stem state the originally create the brain organ consisting of proteins and DNA on the nano-scale.

These Neurons work in sequence connected by Strings of protein called Axons these axons act as wires creating pathways that the electrical current discharges along that cause the other Neuron to go into a higher state of charge as other neurons discharge their electric signals into the other parts of the brain.

This is the basic structure of the brain on the nano-scale which is the scale of detail that we need to take the measurements of the human brain from, First the charge of every neuron in the brain at a certain instance needs to be taken with a microscopic-scale detailed using an electrical neuron imaging scanner which has has a resolution to a single neuron in size to measure the charge of each neuron this will allow the machine to measure the "Data or Soul" of the organic computer which is the human brain. Next a MRI scan of the structure of the brain needs to be taken that has the resolution of again one neuron in size of each data point to measure the connectivity pathways of the brain neuron by neuron. 

The next thing that needs to be done is a model created using these perimeters of the Human brain within an array in a computer having the charge of every one of the neurons at the exact moment of the Electrical activity scan of the human brain to program in the soul or data which is the human mind which from a 3-D map of the brain can be turned into a holographic 3-D map of the brain from any 2-D image a 3-D image can be constructed due to the way holography works when the Electrical brain scan and MRI Scan are merged. The MRI scan tells the connections of the neurons and the structure of the connectivity while the Electrical brain map tells the exact state of every neuron which can be made into a 3-D array or Tensor or Matrix grid, which will measure the neuron's charge at a certain location within the 3-D image of the brain which will overlap the Charge of the neurons in Math form over the 3-D MRI scan brain structure map or the Brain's Tensor matrix making a Deep Neural Network.

Next all that needs to be done is simple the arrays needs to be connected along the Brain Structure's MRI scans connection network to create a fully functioning simulation of a living human Brain using the Charge of a string equation at every array point with a starting value of the one scanning connecting all the neurons together with Axons which will be simulated by the Charge of the String Equation which is just the electric field at every point within the array with a summation with all connected neurons or array values over time which is the flow of charge due to the electric field over connections. 

Next all that needs to be made is a body that has the processing power to process the array with the detail of the human brain and a body constructed to store the computer Neural Uploaded simulation of the Brain which will require some processing power as the Human brain and Brain in general is a very complex computer to simulate with all its detail in tact and the construction of a body which is outlined in this below picture after the human brain can be simulated in a Digital environment. 

The last step is just to construct a body with a computer that can calculate the array every second to the detail required to be a actual simulation of the real universe brain which will require much computational resources but that is enough for now, enough to get the ball rolling on cyborgization in real universe.

On a side note, anyone with a microscopic scale resolution MRI scan is already half way Digital Immortal and Connections but not the electrical activity of the brain can be taken from them for Digital Immortal simulations in Silicon.


This is Ray Kurzweil speaking about the Technological Singularity where Humans merge with our technology in which this process could be used to make human Cyborgs. The Technological Singularity is scheduled for 2045 where all this starts to happen.



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