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Do Interdimensional Aliens Exist?


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So, I was thinking about the idea of interdimensional aliens do you think that they could possibly exist, aliens from another universe? What if one had the ability to travel between parallel universes using something like a Sliding Device from the TV show sliders(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sliders)? Do you think it is possible that aliens from a parallel universe have visited Earth? I would like your thoughts on this subject tell me what you think.


Link = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interdimensional_hypothesis

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I don't believe in white holes.

A: We've never observed one.

B: I have a whole theory on black holes being only dark stars with Planck hearts, in which all matter and energy is made up of Planck scale gravitons, which a spherical 3 dimensional objects. As gravity in a superdense magnetar known as a black hole is literally the stuff of dark energy, and therefore no light escapes due to the rate of gravitational frame-dragging within the event horizon is superluminal.

The logic behind the graviton is that they are the inevitable outcome of Murphy's law applied to geometry, everything that can happen does happen. Simply put, the sphere has the highest area x volume of any three dimensional shape, meaning it is the optimal shape, mathematically speaking. Reality can only form them, an infinite number them to start with, which behave like solid light until they start fusing and therefore create dark energy (the big bang and the fact that supermassive black holes didn't have time to form with out such solid light CMB origins predating stars). Other evidence for my non-extra dimensional cosmos involving gravitons is based on the discrepancies in atomic clocks, quantum tunnelling experiments, and the chronological micro-discrepancies in LIGO's detection of gravity waves and the observation of their origin event.

I do ascribe to alternate timelines in the form of my "quantum replacer" interpretation of the observer effect as a counter hypothesis to superpositions, which is the result of the quantum eraser in an entangled pair's origins. However, as those alternate histories have been replaced by the current reality, there's still only one timeline that emerges.

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