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Why we created Israel


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Aaron blog
to:  Muxtar Zülfüqar

According to the Qur’an (Sura al-Maida 5.21), Moses, on behalf of Allah, ordered the Children of Israel to enter the Holy Land, which Allah himself «intended» for them. Today the Jews are carrying out this order of Allah. So, why are Palestinians and many Muslims opposed to Zionism? After all, the Zionists are doing the will of Allah! …

You say that there is no call to kill Jews in the Qur’an. If so, why is it that the Muslims of Palestine are killing Jews since 1200 CE up to this day? Zionism began with the Jews organizing self-defense against constant murder.

The first Jew to take up arms for self-defense was Alexander Zeid. We created the State of Israel precisely to protect Jews from murder.

The wars that our neighbors have imposed on us have killed 25,000 Israeli soldiers. By the way, 150 of the dead soldiers were Muslims of the Israeli army. A memorial was built for them not far from my house.

If we had not defended ourselves, we would have been destroyed long ago. Grand Mufti Amin al Husseini fled Europe after the defeat of his friend Hitler and tried to stage a new Holocaust in the Middle East. It was he who asked Hitler for permission to kill all Jews in the Middle East.

Hitler blessed him and promised to help, but his armies did not reach Palestine. Rommel’s army was stopped in Egypt, and Hitler’s other army fled in fear from the Caucasus: they were threatened with encirclement after Stalingrad.

Then al Husseini created an army in Palestine but was defeated. Then he staged pogroms in various Arab countries and forced the governments of these countries to enter the war against Israel. We lost 20,000 soldiers, but we survived.

Since some of the Palestinians wanted peace with the Jews, the Mufti ordered (exactly ordered) the Palestinians to leave the territory of Israel. 700,000 Palestinians obeyed his orders. Today it is called the Nakba. 200,000 did not submit to the Mufti. Today there are already 2,000,000 Arabs in Israel. These are the Israeli Arabs.

800,000 Jews fled Arab countries from the pogroms and persecutions inspired by Amin al Husseini. Today their descendants are half of Israel’s Jews. The other half are descendants of Jews who managed to escape the Holocaust.

Some Jews who fled from Arab countries settled in France and the United States. Most of the Jews in France today are their descendants.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians have not abandoned the idea of Amin al Husseini to this day. Not only Hamas but also Mahmoud Abbas do not want to reconcile with Israel and do not accept any peace proposals. They are counting on the help of anti-Semites who seek to arrange a new Holocaust for the Jews.

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