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Better than Mars Colonization in many aspects.

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Mars, while it does not have a good  atmosphere has at least sufficient that one would not have to be always bundelled up in a full pressure suit- a warm "snowsuit" and a face mask.  But Venus (contrary to early sci-fi) has an atmosphere made up basically of molten plastics! 


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I have been pondering on the colonization process of mars and its eventual terraforming....but mostly its colonization. It would seem to me that preparations for such a trip would have to be made...a sort of "trial run" somewhere on earth where the suit would be convincingly necessary for the test subjects. The psychological effects of constantly being at threat of the outside elements would have its toll on the human mind. Better to see how severely here on earth than there on mars. Measures from such a test could help make the endeavor more successful.

I figured the test site should be Antarctica. Cold..so suit is needed for protection...and successful farming ect in Antarctica would seemingly mean it would be successful on mars.

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