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The Future Of Gaming Ads Video


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The Original Video:

This was a reaction video by Asmongold about a video made by Josh Hayes about content creators and how they effect marketing of products, I found this video extremely interesting about how screwed up advertising has become. I thought it deserved a place in the sociology forums because it was that well done about this process of advertising, it is a absolutely mental and it made me laugh, besides that all I have to say is "OMFG" and "ROFL".

My Reaction:


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2 hours ago, LaurieAG said:

I thought his tantrum and dummy spit over WOW was a marketing ploy anyway as he's one of the WOW elites who have been influencing the developers in the wrong direction and making it a raid/dungeon freak paradise for frat boy mentalities. Good riddance!

WOW sucks monkey dick, I stopped playing when they released WOW : Cataclysm but had played since the original WOW beta before that, all these noobsauces thinking they are good playing after they made the game 100x times easier. I was killing Ulduar(https://www.wowhead.com/ulduar) 25 Man Hard Modes back when WOW was a gleam in your eye that you thought would be a cool game to play.

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