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Why proton is more than 3 quarks?


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Is mass and energy etc. Conservation law always true?

why do proton is so much heavier than 3 quarks? 9.6 MeV and 939 MeV. It is like 1000 kg strongbox built out of 10 kg raw materials.

I tried to make a formula to solve the problem. 

E = 2 m (ch)^2

or almost same

E = mc^4

when mass is getting near light speed mass loses its energy to c^2 and so on. 

this is not to be taken seriously but ....





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so I think that quarks are vibrating maximium speed always and according to those two formulas they make protons 939 MeV.

(ch)^2=3.945883 billion and when we divide that with c^2 and later multiply the result by 2 we get 87.808.

939 MeV / 87.808 = 10.69 MeV

that is close to 3 quarks 9.6 MeV

sorry if I am all wrong. It was night and I was tired when I made this up.

take this as a joke if you wish! 



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