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We are all witnesses: when Netanyahu had to solve our most difficult problem with the coronavirus, the opposition continued to try “revolution”, that is coup, to remove him from power.


Gantz entered the government only to «supplant» Bibi and prevent him from saving us from the COVID. Right now, Gantz is sabotaging the purchase of the Pfizer vaccine, under the pretext that he desperately needs the office of Minister of Justice, in addition to the other two top positions that he already holds.


This is blackmail: if Bibi does not allow him to cover up the bribed judges, then many thousands of people will die from the COVID when the vaccine expires. Or maybe the International Court of Justice is right in accusing Gantz of war crimes in Gaza? Let him go to The Hague and prove his innocence.


Netanyahu has a stranglehold on the post of prime minister, not for the glory that he has enough, and not for the prime minister’s miserable salary. He did not resign in order to save his people from the coronavirus and crisis.


In wild conditions, persecuted and practically deprived of power, Netanyahu brilliantly coped with the COVID. Israel is the first in the world to return to normal life. Health Minister Edelstein also helped with this. Thousands of lives saved. Our daily life, including the economy, is already returning to a rut.


And how did we repay Bibi for his feat? We voted down in the elections. A gang of corrupt officials who tried him under ridiculous pretexts are celebrating victory. But they are not able to share the pie.


Bibi has already completed his super task, the rest can be completed even by those stupid people who are trying to replace him, puppets of the mafia and billionaires. In fact, the main work has been done, he can already afford to take a break from bullying and endless attacks. As far as I understand, Bibi agreed to an honorary resignation as President of the State of Israel.


We will suffer from his departure, because we allowed ourselves to be confused by the whistle of primitive slogans and dirty accusations. All media and Facebook are working against Bibi. All television channels give the floor only to those who accuse him and do not allow those who are trying to tell the truth to the screen. We are being subjected to massive brainwashing, worse than the one that was adopted in the USSR.


In the fourth election in a row, there was a historical turning point, which we somehow did not notice. For the first time, Israel’s Arabs voted against Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas. Netanyahu received many Arab votes. It turned out that, unlike many Jews, our Arab fellow citizens know to be grateful for the good. They admitted that Bibi saved them and all the Israelis from the epidemic.


As for the political reality, the creation of a government depends only on the enemies of Netanyahu, these enemies of all Israelis, Jews, and Arabs. May God help the opponents of Bibi come to their senses and make it possible to form a government of national unity. We, the people of Israel, have a vested interest in seeing Bibi continuing to do the world’s hardest job as a prime minister of the Jews.

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