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Exciting New Data on Host SMBH


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NOT only is the black hole closer to Earth than previously believed snd the Earth is observated to be rotating 1600 times faster.



I've been collecting data like this since my attempt to spread the word about supermassive black holes as a local explanation for the recession curves. These measurements may prove vital to trying to prove this. The last major article I read supporting this theory showed observations a typical star dragging spacetime around with it. This ringed as strong evidence since planets generally speaking, om any typical star system rotate in the suns direction. This principle of gravity drag holds for the typical spiral disk of the galaxy. The evidence was built up from the start, hopefully the idea will come into fill fruitation from these types of stringent measurements.

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My articles first translating drag into general relativity language


Drag in classical physics


This essay explain why geometry manifestly flows 


And the proposed model including the wealth of information as to why the SMBH's are possibly the prevails candidate for DM


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