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"New" model suggests SMBH's as origin for dark matter

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These scientists are getting in my dander! Now they are saying that they are likely responsible for dark matter...



And it's not new at all! Before my own studies a few years back, it was already being considered seriously by a select few. My interpretation of dark matter was clearly illustrated from my online lectures on this very hot topic now. You can follow the previous written work online here:



In short:


The supermassive black hole in any typical spiral galaxy has roughly the same  binding energy to hold a galaxy together, this was at least known in theory from work by Arun and Sivaram. I took the model pretty seriously.., so did an independent study for galaxies that had lost their host black holes to find, while the angular momentum did not disappear, the galaxies eventually spread further away without the binding gravitational force, meaning they had dynamic and direct influence to the recessional velocities of stars on the outerrim of the typical disk. I also modified the model to explain why it did not fall rapid off, because careful astronomical observations seemed to explain, that even when a supermassive black hole is ejected, there is still thousands of semi large black holes in the centre of these spiral galaxies that still provide a large amount of excess binding energy.


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