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golf payout problem

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so my dad was playing with three other people in golf for 9 holes.
The bet is each player puts in $5 dollars. There are 2 games being played. $3 dollars of the $5 goes to who has the most points and $2 of the $5 goes to the trash pot.

At he conclusion of the 9 holes my dad was the only winner of the points pot and Larry was the only winner of the trash pot. The points pot should have $12 dollars and the trash pot should have $8.

However my dad didn't have correct change nor did Larry so the pot was left with $10 dollars. Dad took $6 of the $10 and Larry took $4.  The next time they played Larry said we did not distribute the money correctly. Larry said Dad should have gotten $7 and Larry $3. Larry's logic is if everyone contributed to the pot, the trash pot should have $8 dollars in it. After subtracting out his contribution of $5, he should have a net winnings of $3 dollars not $4 dollars, and dad $7 dollars instead of 6.

So which way is right???

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