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Jesus Dying On The Cross Allowed Sin


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You know I wanted to post this before I leave, I disagree with Jesus dying for sins on the cross because it allows a get out of hell free card for sinners. There are some Christians that believe that just because they believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior it allows them the opportunity to sin without any punishment. I think if you do evil actions you would go to hell and if you do good actions you should go to heaven like the old testament. You should be judged based on your actions whether good or bad and if you sin should go to hell no matter what, there should be no get out of hell free card via Jesus dying on a cross in that religion. You know Jesus could have been like Moses and defeated the Roman empire like Moses defeated the Egyptians however instead he let the Romans kill him, I think that Jesus did the wrong thing.


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On 3/21/2021 at 10:46 AM, HallsofIvy said:

There is a difference between  "believing in Christ" and "saying you believe in Christ"!

 Christians (I am not a Christian myself) assert that if you really believe in Christ you can not avoid venal sins but would not commit mortal sins.

I am not a Christian either but I don't think anyone should be forgiven for the monstrous actions they have done, that is your evil and it should torment you, not just be washed away as if it were nothing by some dude who died. Don't get me wrong I do stuff that is classified as sin in the bible all the time however I don't pretend to think that I should be forgiven for any of it, I did it because I wanted to and if the Christian God is real then all who have committed sin deserve to burn in a fiery lake for their evil. You can't have it both ways to think you will be forgiven just because you believe in Christ and at the same time have a God that believes all that commit sin should go to hell being tortured forever.

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