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My Theories Finally Complete


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I have completed my theories on technology, space, and religion. You know everything that I know which is contained on these science forums, I hope you will use it wisely.

This is Goodbye for now.



Remember three things Stuff is not always as it seems, Keep a open mind, and Sometimes wolves are in sheep's clothing.

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You know I have whored out all my ideas and inventions for anyone to steal and I have got nothing for it, There aren't enough viewers on these forums. I feel like I have wasted 3 years of my life by posting these things here and caused a potential security risk to my inventions still being possessed by me and not some evil company or government, but on a upside It is free hosting for them.☹️  


I will always be grateful that the science forums has been a good home and allowed me this opportunity to express myself and Inventions on the Internet. Meh, They can look!


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