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Making an 100% stealth fighter jet.

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First I'm so smart at thinking outside of the box. I read mass pages and just put things together.

I was reading a page on spacewar.com and Scientist trying to hold still photons published there paper work. Little did they know they published how to make an 100% stealth fighter and stealth everything.

The Scientist don't work for the military or weapons department and could of told China, Russia how to build them.

Crystals and lasers Holt photons energy.

After reading the just above, I googled up on radar waves and it said it's light energy.

So if you use crystals and lasers you can stop radar return by holding it then or even flining it out to space.

Another post said they new how to reverse photons time. May also be away to make an 100% stealth jet fighter and weapons.



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On 3/4/2021 at 4:44 PM, VictorMedvil said:

Now you are starting to understand this is a science forums, Good Post!

Why thank you. Scary that I can put it together but China can't.

I guess I read so many science post and think more than other people to put things together.


I disagree with you. Frontal lobes is science so is conscionuss and double slit shot test. I have no idea how you think probibilty ant science or double slit shot test results.

Anyway you can build a stealth fighter jet now. Go sell it in China for trillions of dollars.

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