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    War. I won America the Iraq war but my past forced them 2 cover it up. 2 prove this here is an undone weapon.

    electromagnetic wave sensor can be wired 2 a bomb 2 make metal detectors detonate it. Wire light 4 to bomb, as light 4 only get's power once it's over it....Bang clearing weapons out of areas is over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_AUDJZfduc

    I think outside the box and wanted 2 learn quantum/physics.

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  1. Not so blissful ignorance: The Dunning-Kruger effect at work, Brunch - THE  BUSINESS TIMES

    Just read up on the Dunning Kruger effect. I thought it might apply here....😎


  2. Hey some Scientist that released there result said they can hold still photons. If you put solar panels in crystals and do what they did would it make endless energy? So the chemical's in solar panels get hit none stop. Dose the photon get absorb when it hits the chemical? If not endless power can be made.
  3. Why thank you. Scary that I can put it together but China can't. I guess I read so many science post and think more than other people to put things together. I disagree with you. Frontal lobes is science so is conscionuss and double slit shot test. I have no idea how you think probibilty ant science or double slit shot test results. Anyway you can build a stealth fighter jet now. Go sell it in China for trillions of dollars.
  4. First I'm so smart at thinking outside of the box. I read mass pages and just put things together. I was reading a page on spacewar.com and Scientist trying to hold still photons published there paper work. Little did they know they published how to make an 100% stealth fighter and stealth everything. The Scientist don't work for the military or weapons department and could of told China, Russia how to build them. Crystals and lasers Holt photons energy. After reading the just above, I googled up on radar waves and it said it's light energy. So if you use crystals and
  5. Omg dickhead alart. Do you play that song I'm 2 sexy for my body? Or masturbate to that song I'm a man I'm a man I'm a man yes I am yes I am yes I am?
  6. Umm I survived a 6 story building fall 3 year's ago they already tried that. Lucky I said I'd survive in a premonition for my building fall.
  7. Yep computer program universe 100% and I'm a God like crazy wtf
  8. Your uplode is the frontal lobes. My back up is consciouss. You know when you get the feeling someone is watching you and you look behind you and see someone looking at you? That's Consciouss. My uplode is consciouss and they know it exist but can't detect it. Where's the harddrives for double slit shot test in the afterlife? Not there because I'm in another dimension also. I can't be wiped out.
  9. Me. An afterlife company named Lockheed Martin hacked the download signal. As you know Lockheed Martin has the best/only real Stealth fighter jet. It's Afterlife technology brang down here. Lockheed Martin made 3 huge breakthroughs with only millions in funding. New jet motor that can fly 3* the distance. Stealth and radar. The new F-35 cost $2 trillios dollars almost with no breakthroughs. Ask more Pacific questions bro. I'm the Soul Creator of life God. I can do premonitions also.
  10. Anyone that reads this I'm not replying anymore because he can't even answer the questions or proof. I'll reply to any nonsense because they are just the CIA lining up for an eternity imprisonment. They pull to spots because mathematically it's a wave? Ok. Why is if it's a wave do they pull to 2 spot's then 5+ spots once an camera is watching the test? Mathematically they should pull to 4 spot's max. An stupid reply from stuiped CIA people corrected. We're not even talking about probibilty ether. End of conversation unless you can reply to it.
  11. That's you repeating the same nonsent not me. I'm reapeting answer probibilty? Answer how they just magically pull to spots? I bet you don't and can't answer that?? No evidence what's an wavelength signal? Chemical. Does the hidden frontal lobes make an chemical reaction? Yeah your thick.
  12. Not going to reply anymore have already proven it. Umm the Scientist that made the run the test...heaps have. Just look on quantum physics page's then. Bit of a joke you want names unless you claim putting an camera next to the test dosen't see it change and Magically pull to more spots proving a wave wrong. Any real replys? Fire away.
  13. Proven Scientist never said it was consciouss so why did he put 2 slits there for? To let it make an decision. Busted lying not telling the truth in many ways. I do explain why. Your in place to cover it up working for the CIA. Read it trying to wipe me out. Can the grate wall of China stop and track you? Can it control your search engine? Please.
  14. Incorrect as the wave it's self is programmed to hit 2 spot's how does it then hit 5 spots with a camera watching? Also the wave it's self is a program posining them at areas. You forget there is no probibilty? Two electrons even if tested 10 trillion times in that small area never hit the same spot twice? Computer program 100%.
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