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Friction and celestial bodies

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Let's clearly state that not all 360 degrees of the earth is facing the sun at any given time. The light that lights up those early mornings comes in cycles. This is because the friction is greater at the point at which that earth is facing the sun. Now that the moon is stuck between that friction cuasing it to rotate around earth makes it act like a bouy. Now light will curve around a sphere and this light curve causing it to cause gravity. The friction of light at the focal point of earth actually pushes against it but when it finally reaches the moon at the point when it is at it's greatest distance from earth actually pushes against it; causes the earth to orbit the sun. Again the moon acts like a bouy when the friction of earth and sun are at it's greatest. Light is the driving force of this inertia and manipulates the force the moon has on the rotation of earth. Light is a wave becuase the cycle of it's nature. If you speed down the friction that light causes you speed down time. Who knows if you increase friction it might increase the speed at which earth rotates.

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