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Palestinians were Hitler’s allies, specifically with the purpose to exterminate Jews of the Middle East. Hitler gave free hand to exterminate Jews and paid Palestinian leader Amin al Husseini (according to Amin’s diary).

After WWII Husseini returned to be an indisputable leader of the Palestinian people. He tried genocide of the Jews with the help of Arab states and of the British empire. This time he failed, because of Israel’s unexpected victory. The only thing in which he succeeded was the Naqba of the Palestinians that Amin al Huseini called for.

Not the Jews but Palestinians behave in Hitler’s manner and failed like their adored idol, Hitler. The Palestinian people suffered because of their own failures, like the German people. The problem is that the Palestinian people persist in their faults, mainly because of anti-Semites’ incitement and generous flow of money together with weapons. The Palestinians learned to turn this money their main source of income.


Israel recognized Palestine by signing the Oslo accords. I’m witness, the Israeli government under Rabin and the people of Israel did all possible efforts to appease Palestinian neighbors, despite the massive bloody terror.

The Palestinians rejected peace and continue to try the destruction of Israel. Their efforts support all the antisemites of the planet Earth, from Iran ayatollahs to Europe, UN, Farrakhan, and part of American democrats. Including Jewish globalist tycoons.

The dispute is not over borders. The dispute is over Israel’s existence. Israeli people oppose withdrawal from the West Bank out of fear of shelling and rocket firing. We are fed up with Gaza shelling after withdrawal forced by the UN, USA, and Europe. There will be no more withdrawals. The Palestinians must learn to live under Israeli security control which you call occupation.



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