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Is Iot - Internet Of Things Going To Be The Big Brother?

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If there is going to be 5G what benefits it brings along? What kind of visions or dreams you have got?

I read from one old poem a vision like there is going to be helmets that have a modern telescopes in top of them. 

Small telescopes you can connect together and have an image joined together for instance from 100 such a helmet


And those telescopes could be having even honeycomb mirrors or segmented mirrors? But this is just from a very

old poem and perhaps not interesting at all. I do not know if such a vision is anyhow possible to fulfill using future

tehcnology. Perhaps it is just a joke.


When I read a little bit of this Wikipedia article about IoT it seems like a toy for goverments only. They can use

it to control and spy everyone. But I am interested to know if there is things for an ordinary consumers too. Or 

is this IoT going to be just a BIG BROTHER?





This IoT and even 5G is something I know absolutely nothing about. I would like to hear your ideas about them too.



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Not much good about it:


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Is Internet already a conscious universe of its own? Who actually wrote Terminator 3 movie? A human being or the internet as a conscious universe of its own.

Like a universe can come out of Brahma's belly and be spread over the emptiness or space same goes with the internet. It was spread upon the whole earth very quickly.  It is already having its own brains and consciousness - perhaps?

And it may be controlling already many things on its own. These kind of thoughts came into my mind when I read a gnostic book called The Gospel of Truth. 

So was it a mistake to build the internet? Or are this kind of thoughts just out of question? Just an odd vision or a real threat?

The Internet as a living and conscious being?

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Is this going to devolve into another one of those "Mankind could not find God, so they built One" things?

I'm in favor of remote control of home and tele-presence tech, those seem to be the ones the OP is talking about. Convenient to be able to check-in on your assets at a whim. Internet Of Things leading to smart homes and smart cars that actively serve us will be great. I'd love a home that turned on my coffee maker as I was on the way home because it noticed on it's own the way I do things.

The covid tracing apps on cellphones are another ambiguously useful extension of that IOT at work, right alongside dating apps that buzz in proximity.

That's related to how everyone gathers a halo of technology-aids that make them who they are these days. Everything that you regularly use from a smartphone to PC to prybar to hair curler, it's all part of a philosophic concept of an "exoself." The technologies that are online are in a large part taken up as part of that exoself to exoself interaction between people. Considering how much of the data-connections online leverage this, I do see why OP is worried about "just a BIG BROTHER." Everyone and everything can look at your digital footprint (trash pile) even easier than your neighbors could open the bin and dig around (if they wanted to) in a physical sense. There's another layer of "digital ghost" and/or our "online trashpile" depending how you view stuff like old harddrives and social media posts made by the dead while they were living.

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