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Are There Already Enough Berries?


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One sentence in an ancient book: Put a good berry into bird cherry tree! is for me a good source of inspiration to try change the genetics of that hackberry tree. So far as I know yet there is nobody thinking of that. Is the reason not to think about it linguistic. Scientists DO NOT DARE TO CHANGE THE BERRY OF BIRD CHERRY TREES BECAUSE OF ITS NAME: THE BERRY THAT BELONGS TO BIRDS.


Of course there may be other reasons too. Not all Blueberries are picked from the forests so there is no need for berries so much than I think. 




Actually there may be difficulties in guarding those new kind of berries from the birds to eat them. But why this ancient book says then: Change a good berry to grow into the bird cherry tree!


I myself do not know anything about modern genetics. But I am eager to learn. Nowadays there are lots of good books in the net about the plants and their genetics. For instance The encyclopaedia of Biology. 





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