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Looking To Recruit Science-Minded Game & Software Developers, Graphic Artists, Etc.

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to recruit fellow science-minded people to help with a labor of love I just started. I love fantasy and sci-fi and I just recently started playing tabletop RPGs again. My go-to RPGs from the past were DnD (of course), Rolemaster, MERPS, GURPS, Vampire the Masquerade, etc. I just started playing DnD 5e and like it a lot but certain things have reminded me of why I have always wanted to just create my own system... SO... I am. I'm also creating the setting and a virtual tabletop platform because I want the mechanics to be more detailed and realistic but not time consuming like they would be if they were in book-format.

Why ask here? I really want help with aspects of science to make the game more scientifically accurate compared to other games - something fun but also a bit educational. If you're interested in the project and think you can contribute in someway, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]


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