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Found 15 results

  1. Picture this. Earth is forming. gasses and heat are busy making our oceans and a crust is forming where gravity is at its least resistance, forming one giant land mass. Call this land Gondwana, Pangaea or whatever you like. The point is it was all connected at one point and creatures could roam as they pleased. A meteor ruins it for everyone, spinning the planets crust in all logical directions. this rips the earth apart quickly, creating the pacific ocean floor and tectonic plates in the process. Such an impact and force causes the land to behave in a liquid like manor. The ocean floors
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking to recruit fellow science-minded people to help with a labor of love I just started. I love fantasy and sci-fi and I just recently started playing tabletop RPGs again. My go-to RPGs from the past were DnD (of course), Rolemaster, MERPS, GURPS, Vampire the Masquerade, etc. I just started playing DnD 5e and like it a lot but certain things have reminded me of why I have always wanted to just create my own system... SO... I am. I'm also creating the setting and a virtual tabletop platform because I want the mechanics to be more detailed and realistic but not time consumin
  3. I have a science fair (first one I’m going to) for school and I need to come up with an experiment. 1. Mark agar plate in 2 halves. Swab agar plate with E. Coli bacteria. Rotate and swab 2 more times. 2.Use an index card and cover half of the plate. 3. Place under uv lights for 30 seconds. 4. Incubate overnight. 5. Check the next day for any remaining bacteria colonies 6.Use cotton swab and swab one colony of bacteria over another half of a new agar plate. 7. Repeat all previous steps 5 times. This is just a rough draft if a procedure but do you guys think this will be any good or show an
  4. Does anyone into ageing biology? Lets share our ideas
  5. Hi, I recently completed my Bachelors in Biomedical Science at Monash University with the intention of going into research, specifically cancer research and aging. I liked all the sciences but my passion was originally directed towards mathematics and physics where I used to enjoy reading scientific literature related to these fields from a relatively young age. They were also my strongest subjects in high school with biology and chemistry came in 2nd. However, I ended up taking Biomedical Science because I felt the research would be more geared and relevant in reality than the fields I was
  6. Kalstein sucks and you should never ever buy lab equipment or anything else from them.
  7.           Toward The End - the Evolution Footsteps of Human Beings
  8. Notwithstanding biology and psychological needs, could someone remain in the same spot for 10 years - a spot of ground no greater than three metres long in every direction?
  9. Hello everyone what do you think about student conferences? I thought maybe there are more people, who organizes small lectures or even conferences and would like to share their experiences. :) As much as I know there are some scientists that would gladly come to student conference because of the idea itself but they won't go to "normal" conferences. Have you ever tried to organize one? Do you think it is important to try to motivate young personalities to be interested in science? By science I mean scientific carrier, conferences, publications and so on. I am trying with few
  10. I am currently looking to participate in a competition much like Science Bowl, but for college students. The reason for the emphasis is because I have searched the web and found several college LEVEL comps for high schoolers. I have participated in Science Bowl and even won regionals back in 2013, but have found nothing for college students that was similar. I am looking for something with a few of the following: Team sport Preferably buzzers as opposed to an exam A good prize (none of this "bragging rights" stuff) I.e. Money, a trophy, a vacation etc Must have content relating to more than
  11. [Advertising link removed] What are some more of the most dangerous sharks there are?
  12. Although animals are dependent on a similar mechanism, plants are possible to take advantage of this mechanism in a more optimal way. This may explain why many plants can survive for hundreds of years, which is quite rare for the animals concerned.
  13. Ever wonder why the theory of evolution is such a controversial topic? Do some people simply refuse to admit evolution is a fact? But how can anyone not admit to a concept if it's been proven? Or has it? Why is it that you never hear anyone denying Mars exists? How come no one ever claims there are no rings around Saturn? Why doesn't anyone ever deny the North Pole exists? That's because there is such an abundance of clear evidence that Mars, the rings around Saturn and the North Pole exist that attempting to contradict these facts would be sheer lunacy. And therein lies the problem with evo
  14. Open source software development has demonstrated that unaffiliated volunteers from all over the world, can produce projects of quality that equals or exceeds that of small(er) groups of paid professionals. The volunteer status of the contributors is only coincidental. The reason for the success of the open-source paradigm of development is that it enables an unlimited number of minds from all over the world, not necessarily affiliated beyond a common interest in the project, to work together. Ideally, everyone, paid as well as volunteer, will contribute merely because they have something to
  15. Hi everyone, I've got a biology project about bacterias. I will send it to Google Science Fair and Genius. Is anybody know other international competitions and science fairs i can participate in?(It's my second year in high school) Thanks.
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