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How The Eyeball Was Formed


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I haven't studied the eye much, but I have studied a lot of sciences, and my conclusion on how the eye was formed is a very simple idea. Again, I'm not sure how much this stuff is talked about, honestly.


So, my idea is that, microscopic organisms in the early earth, in the melting pot of the warm oceans, were penetrated by the sun, through the water lens. Over geologic time periods, I think that the organism adapted itself to the sun, mutated in relation to wavelength information retrieval, and such. I did learn that biology was born from chemicals on rocks oscillating seasonally over geologic time. I would like to know when the eye was formed during all of this.


They say the eye is the most complex thing. It is probably because it was born from the sun. I am not exactly sure, though. It looks to be a good student research topic, however.

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