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  1. Yeah, also, kids are hating people, and I think stuff like this. Well, I wanted to. And, now it's just there, and I guess maybe it's just awful an idea I suppose. Lol.
  2. Lol, naw, I know how it sounds. I'm saying connectome/Neural network = Brain, and flower = mammalian sex organs. Like an upside down mammal. Like a natural, biomimetic inversion of some sort.
  3. If I made that too difficult sounding. Our brain is the roots, and our private is the flowers. Even our arms and legs are the leaves, or branches. I'll even go so far as to say that we are moved by the wind, and it is a moving that helps us, physically and emotionally. (Why our brain would be the roots is simple here. Our brain is situated there specifically because the flower is situated at the other end. It's politically correct).
  4. Great forum topic. I honestly have been learning my language, Chamorro language, as I am part Chamorro, for next to 5 years now. I think that I am a much cleaner and logical person for it; not that there is too much difference, just the fact that I always wanted to be a certain kind of person, and it used to show that I was missing an entire cultural component. Sort of like too American for my kind, as I am more than half white, but I wasn't full white. It also made me realize that, it is kinda logical that if it is impossible for someone to learn a language, there might be some kinks in their
  5. I don't subscribe to the creationist view of Punctuated Equilibrium, but I sure do like telling people about it, so they can see all the variables at play. My hypothesis on fitness and strength is sort of where I stand. I like to make my own decisions, as long as I am in the right place. I don't think only data is important; I honestly think that learning things right are important, and that takes a good ethic, or a long time. I have always been a classical learner, and I write and fill notebooks, mark my book, among other things. I keep things in a logical order, and also debate in relation t
  6. I am new here. This certainly got interesting. I did take Physical Anthro in college, and all I remember is there's so little evidence for how we got here. What I see being talked about is the idea of cladistics. I also remember it being called systematics. It's the tree and branches in which animals share a common line of ancestry. I remember there being the new world and old world monkeys, and we are more related to the old world monkeys. If you are a proponent of there being other mysterious causes to how we got here, and besides my hypothesis, I would check out punctuated equilibrium. This
  7. I have a lot to say about this, but it essentially boils down to some interesting ideas I've had for awhile now. Teacher's I have come to find are good when they teach by example, and extend their metaphors, in addition to staying classical. But, my personal idea, which is probably the same thing said in another light, is that a good teacher, and anyone for that matter, is someone who is both precise and accurate with their role. They are accurate in that they are teachers teaching things well, and not teaching other not so teachery things, and precise, in that they just do the right things wh
  8. I have been going around academia for years, and some cool ideas I have been confronted with are about Jesus and the Greeks. One point to make before talking about anything here, is that Israel and Greece were protectorates of Rome during Jesus's time. Thus, it is not so farfetched to say, considering there was a parallel at all, that they had relatively similar ideologies, atleast in relation to conformity to Rome. There most likely was some cultural meshing, too. I just want to bring this up, because, if Jesus was a well known figure in Israel, how farfetched is it to say that he existed,
  9. I grew up thinking that. I followed TED, and Kurzweil, and Kaku, and all that, and I was in a daze. The more I learned, however, I found that this might all be a joke. But, I definitely am the type to continue searching for answers. Right now, A.I is not something that I take too seriously. Connectomes; I wonder how all that is going to work. I see them trying this, and then having a bunch of raw neural data and not really knowing what to do with it.
  10. Well, thanks to a freebie from Coronavirus, I found AdGuard which blocks them. In my early twenties, almost a decade ago, I used to use DoNotTrackMe. But, seriously, if you try AdGuard or DoNotTrackMe, you're blocking so many of these things, it's ridiculous. 70,000 blocked ads, and 50,000 blocked trackers in just weeks; honestly, similar to how I remember it, if not worse. These people definitely do this type of stuff.
  11. That's pretty crazy stuff. I've learned quite a lot of traditional and classical sciences, but the whole idea of quantum mechanics is so confusing. I think the possibilities are endless to engage in Hobessian breaking of contracts with quantum mechanics, just like internet crime. If I remember correctly, the logic with a photon causing entanglement with another photon is a denial of analysis, as entanglement is spooky across time and space, thus what a rather uncool thing to do to someone; induce cosmic genesis in somebody. If I understand what is being said, computer photons and brain photons
  12. That's cool. I've always been interested in that realm. I've followed dean Kamen and DEKA for awhile online through my twenties, and he is a guy who knows a lot about brain machine interfacing. Neuralink is insane. I love Elon Musk. but lol I can only imagine his GF using her new Neuralink in her music video. And then, they blast off into deep space? This guy is crazy yo. I am still debating whether or not people should be taking all these tech media heads seriously. I mean, he is good at basic physics, but the complexity is insane if he is really trying to get us to Mars, additionally with Gr
  13. It is probably a dream on situation. I am 32, and I grew up throughout my twenties, even early twenties, becoming interested in this type of post modern, futurist thinking. Nowadays, it seems more true that maybe these people are just seriously not on the right lane of thinking.
  14. My point is in there. I am suggesting that potentially, there very well could be some logic behind an idea that says fitness, but human fitness is obviously a no brainer. Human fitness, we picture aerobics, and running, etc. I believe there might be a point to considering that a particular fitness helped turn us from monkeys into intelligent creatures. I am not trying to beat around any bush here. Plain and simple.
  15. I like the idea, that right and wrong are much too extreme words for talking about crime or legal theory, or even ethics, and cultural morals, folk psychology, etc. I would probably also point out, it seems you might be orienting toward the simple idea of when you are in a test, and you get an answer right or wrong. Right and wrong here are blunt statements, so the officer is sort of skewing his authority over the guy saying that he did a wrong thing, i.e, he committed a crime, which was wrong, instead of following the law, which would be right.
  16. Those four elements honestly were good ideas to Aristotle, and the Greeks in general. This because they were used as the phases of matter, solid materials were earth, gas type stuff air, fire like stuff fire, and liquid type stuff water. In relation to astrology alone, some might say that we needed these ideas because Alchemists played with these ideas philosophically, which brought us into modern science, since what they wanted was really cool things to happen in general, no matter what it was.
  17. I was reading that viruses self assemble rather easily. I recently learned about bacteria not too long ago, and found that they are specifically microorganisms. In considering their biologyness, my first thought is that, surely, they cannot survive that. I would postulate that their preservation requires the perfect environment, however, if this does happen. This is probably a rare thing I would guess.
  18. I see that an idea here is will the mass of the earth be able to manipulate the moon, considering the masses of planetary bodies interacting. That is a hard one to think about. A cool idea would be to see in general how much weight is really added per year. I could think of plants and animal population averages, astroids, too. I guess radioactive decay is always occurring too, right? That would mean that it is an always changing mass measurement, because of atomic change from neutron decay. Even global warming and ocean evaporation, and this escaping into space, or lingering as weather. In c
  19. I see how you are situated toward intelligence, and powering that intelligence. You say we had to give up strength. Scientifically speaking, maybe that is true, but what is going on here? Are you suggesting that swinging from trees indicate strength? If so, that might be true, but I would first think that fighting animals on the ground, like wild Pig and Tiger like creatures, indicate strength. I just wanted to make a point about the strength in particular, since I feel that fitness was THE reason for our evolution, specifically. I mean, I guess they don't have to be incredibly buff, but I am
  20. Yeah, sure, but I have been through all of those ideas. I cannot conceive of an extraterrestrial presence when I think how life evolves so naturally. It might be true, but I am definitely speculative of that. Plus, if Mars harbored life, then it would be a no brainer that we would get there and find something really epic there. Anyway, yeah, definitely I see it was a transitionary situation, but I am just speaking in general terms, with basic premises. I like the idea when I am thinking about this that there is little fossil records of this whole situation, and I am seeing it through a peep
  21. My idea in this area came about probaby half a decade ago already, and I basically stayed quiet on it, since I definitely needed resources to verify it. But, in a gist, my idea of how apes turned into humans uses some specific variables. One of those variables is strength. The other is culture. Another is intelligence. When we were in the trees, and when we came down, I believe we differentiated ourselves based on our strength. Going down into the wild with things that can eat us required good strength, also intelligence. Otherwise, how would we survive? Evolutionary speaking, possibly rando
  22. I just want to talk about some interesting ideas, specifically written/clarified by Mortimer Adler, a philosopher. A big idea he wrote in his book Ten Philosophical Mistakes is the idea that modern philosophy is basically useless. I mean, he sort of made it look this way on purpose in his book. He says it's because many Enlightenment philosophers went down a road with bad ideas in mind to begin with, thus all modern philosophy is not very good, and the Greeks still are more right about everything. This brings me to the idea that, maybe science has always been just a tool. Like when we use
  23. I have been a proponent of Kurzweil's for awhile, but only recently have I been making some strict statements to myself, but sometimes it changes, just to be honest. I really don't know, but I want to give my idea. It certainly shocks me to some degree. In all reality, I have even emailed the government in relation to this. I did so because the magnitude coming from me on this one is pretty big. So, they say that by 2045, we will be uploading our minds into computers? Sure, it sounds cool, but I am not exactly buying it anymore, and here is why. Say people start doing this, what does it mean
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