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Biomimetics And The Upside Down Man


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So, I am an amateur scientist. I have written 2 books, and I am far from perfect, but I just wanted to bring up something silly, but something I have not yet heard spoken about.


So the silly thing is the biomimetic relationship between higher organisms with brains, and plants.


Well, isn't it a no brainer that it sure looks like plant roots are to mammalian brains as plant testes/sexual organs are to mammalian sex organs? Similar to an upside down man, with his neural network in the ground, and his testes, or her flower upstairs.


I don't know, but I came across this idea a few years ago thinking about plants, and I haven't seen this idea out there anywhere as of yet.

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If I made that too difficult sounding. Our brain is the roots, and our private is the flowers. Even our arms and legs are the leaves, or branches. I'll even go so far as to say that we are moved by the wind, and it is a moving that helps us, physically and emotionally.


(Why our brain would be the roots is simple here. Our brain is situated there specifically because the flower is situated at the other end. It's politically correct).

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