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Synthetic Particle Confinement Synthesis


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I have been doing some thought about making synthetic composite particles and how that would be done, I have come to conclusion about this, I thought about this differently, the Strong Nuclear Force Confines Quarks that binds them like superglue in Color Confinement (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_confinement and http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Particles/qbag.html), If the Strong Nuclear Force put a repulsive/binding force upon quarks, why can that not be done synthetically using other forces allowing the creation of higher tier level particles that are made of particles artificially confined using a field that simulates the Strong Nuclear Force's repulsive/binding nature on particles such as Magnetic Confinement commonly used in fusion reactions.


An example of a Strong Nuclear Force confined composite particle being "Omega particles"



Using synthetic confinement of particles I think it would be possible to create higher order quarks than those in nature as the magnetic confinement would put additional pressure on the quarks keeping them from decaying and cohesive beyond what the Strong Nuclear Force would generally allow with it's strength, this additional pressure on the quarks keeping them stable. Possibly allowing for the creation of higher order composite particles such as other Pentaquarks.




The actual confinement in magnetic fields that stabilize the particles could happen in magnetic fields that are being used currently for fusion reactors allowing for a pressure to be placed upon the particles making a secondary bond between particles supporting their increased mass.




Note: If this does work then the particles can never leave confinement otherwise they will destabilize into energy.



It is like a oxygen tank, an oxygen tank can only hold so much oxygen before it will explode from the pressure but if you make the oxygen tank thicker, the tank can handle more pressure but in this instance, the oxygen is energy and the tank thickness is the additional confinement that holds the particle together by magnetic confinement increasing the "Thickness" of the Strong Nuclear Force or binding energy.




This can be explained by the simple equation PSpin = PSNF + PMagnetic

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I think that the "Red Matter" quantum substrate could be used as a efficient fuel for Antimatter Powered Spacecraft(https://science.howstuffworks.com/antimatter.htm) instead of creating a antimatter particle and normal matter pair we can instead confine the quarks into the fuel for usage in our spacecraft. The applications of such a easy to create storage method for energy is drastic and I think would be worth billions and trillions of dollars if actually manufactured for usage in Antimatter Powered Spacecraft(https://science.howstuffworks.com/antimatter.htm) with a energy content of 344 Gev per particle it would be much better than positrons or anti-hydrogen production which have a content of 511 Kev and 938 Mev.

What is the energy of positron?
"From direct interaction or after the formation of a transient system with an electron known as positronium, two photons, each of energy 511 keV (the rest mass energy of the electron or positron), are emitted in opposite directions with the disappearance (annihilation) of both particles."


Why is antihydrogen so expensive?
"Why are the costs so high? The reason for antimatter's tremendous expense is easy to understand when you realize the technology involved in creating it. To make antihydrogen, the required antiprotons must be literally made one atom at a time using a particle accelerator."
This is the reason why I think "Red Matter" Pentaquarks would be a excellent fuel source to be used instead of antimatter for antimatter powered spacecraft.
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