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Study: Bilingualism Produces Experience-Dependent Gray And White Matter Changes In Brain Structures Of Adults


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Great forum topic. I honestly have been learning my language, Chamorro language, as I am part Chamorro, for next to 5 years now. I think that I am a much cleaner and logical person for it; not that there is too much difference, just the fact that I always wanted to be a certain kind of person, and it used to show that I was missing an entire cultural component. Sort of like too American for my kind, as I am more than half white, but I wasn't full white. It also made me realize that, it is kinda logical that if it is impossible for someone to learn a language, there might be some kinks in their thinking. Not to say that people cannot think strait, since they do speaking a language at all, but if it's next to impossible, then I would suggest that maybe there is a learning problem going on. I used to think like this, until I tackled a language head on. I think the basics of most languages, the basic syntax, could be learned on 1 sheet of paper, aside from vocabulary.

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