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Simple Pulley Calculation Required

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A report by Rockwell automation, which is mildly related https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/wp/oem-wp014_-en-p.pdf


A motion controller can control multiple axis with extreme accuracy. If you are using flying shears or rotating knifes with a motion controller why would you need to stop start and use a dancing arm to maintain tension. 


PID is probably not a good idea in this application, PID is more suitable for process control. 

because I am not using flying shears or rotating knives. the web needs to stop to be sealed, then drawn and stopped again for the next bag to be sealed. 


This document is very helpful and relevant to me. Thanks for that. .

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Hi. thanks for this. This article is actually not mildly but fully related to my application. Such bag making machines is exactly what we manufacture. Am just trying to upgrade control techniques to make the machine logic control more self sufficient and reduce operator skill and intuition required to run these.


The application paper uses Allen Bradley equipment, I suspect from your link above you have either Japanese or Chinese Machines, which probably use something like Mitsubishi, Omron or some other less known manufacturer. 


Your original OP was a bit over simplified. 


Out of interest do your machines have dedicated motion control PLCs in them, if so which ones? 


WHY are you stopping the machine to cut, when you could use flying or rotary shears to cut and seal the bags? I am asuming your bags have registration marks on them, which might be wrong.


If you look you might find some useful application ideas from the printing industry, a newspaper press appears not much different and is a lot faster, so if you are looking to upgrade and feel the need for speed a tour around a news paper factory might give you some ideas. 

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