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A.i. Powered Robots In Warehouses

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storage and warehousing is ideal for robots and computers, the reason why these tasks are so good for computers and robots is exactly because no real intelligence (artifical or not) is at all required.


Having worked for short periods of time as a storemen, (military material), it is a brain dead job, look up the part number cross reference that to a store location fill the order... next.


I've been designing, building and programming computers since the 1970's, in that time the progress bar on artificial intelligence has not progressed at all, I don't like the term AI at all. 

These kinds of things are simply not intelligence, sophisticated control systems sure, fast processing sure, but nothing even close to resembling actual intelligence.


So for me, this is my definition, if a machine can do it, then it's not intelligence, possibly 'Simulated sophistication' or something, but not intelligence. 


Also to end my rant (LOL), automation has been going to take away all our jobs for... forever..  I remember the doom and gloom when ATM's came out, Even when computers started to get popular and useful, no more accountants, no more bank tellers, no more telephone exchange operators, no more tabulators, no more typing pools, no more scribes, so now its no more storemen, or no more truckies.. 


It just means there is a shift in what people do, and that shift is usually for the better. 


But if you worry that one day your microwave is going to feel sadness that the toaster blew up, worry no more, a computer is NEVER going to worry, or be sad, unless some real intelligence writes a program that 'simulates' what an intellengence would consider to be sadness or worry. Then it's the programmers intelligence, not the commputers..  (Geez I'm an opinionated d--k!!!).. 

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Now it seems robots will be taking over warehouses with new robots being built to work in them, read more at https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/29/21083313/robot-picking-warehouses-logistics-ai-covariant-stealth


Reads like they are using a knowledge based system with a bit of fuzzy logic, maybe.


The biggest problem with this is likely if humans are placing products for the robot to recognize, at different angles. Laser scanners or cameras can be fooled when the angle a product is placed is not constant, and they count the wrong number of pixels. Also if products look very similar the margin for error is reduced. I once was involved in a project where my company was asked can we detect the difference between three different sized radiators, easy we thought, and accepted the contract. The factory in the end had 3000 different variations of radiators which the grunts loading the production line often didnt load correctly, making them very difficult to accurately enough to discriminate between the products.


But >

Pattern recognition cameras can recognize a person, so I dont see what the big problem would be to recognize different shaped packages, or products. Also why do they not just bar code the warehouse and have the robot read the bar code before picking the product, just like a warehouse worker would do when picking products to fulfill an order.

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