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  1. I think you are right, and that is why they simply do not understand the difference between having access to some limited classified information for your job, and having everything about your job to be in that world. But if I was lying I have to do a great deal of research to make my claim, I gave the year, the exercise, the ships involved and so on. I could have even given the approximate specific date, it was within a few days of the 4th of July 1988 (guess how I could remember that date :D) I has on HMAS Hobart, parked behind the USS Missouri, I did my electronics training at
  2. I think you are lying Thoth.. why do you and Ocean lie all the time? Why did you say you were in the military when you obviously were not? And Ocean I do not believe you were ever in the Coast Guard, held a security clearance, or that you have the mental capacity to work for NOAA. In fact I don't even think either of you live in the US.
  3. Quote me: I HAVE worked extensively with US built and classified Top Secret systems, that is not the same as saying I worked extensively with the US. You have a real comprehension problem: How many times do I have to explain myself, until you understand the words I am saying? Is English not your first language? I worked WITH the US, in this situation, for possibly 1 or 2 hours!! I worked on US manufactured and classified equipment for years and years, that equipment is classified Top Secret by the US government, no one can see that equipment or work on it unless you have a
  4. You see what you did there, NO, I DID NOT work with the US extensively at all, I never said I did, NOR am I in the US ID card system or military structure. Why would you even assume that? In my last post I thought I made it fairly easy to understand, so there is NO requirement for me to know (or care) about what the US does for security clearance for their members, that stuff really has nothing to do with the actual people working in the area. That's administration. What I said in my last post explains it very clearly, just take that as a fact and stop trying to make a flat earth arg
  5. So one last time so we can end this: Lets see if you can grasp this. 'The highest security clearance can issue': Yes, The US designs the equipment, they manage it and they even own it, they also classify the equipment as Top Secret, therefore, it is a US issues security clearance. Now I was issued my US Security Clearance (for US classified equipment), by the Australian Security Agency (ASIO), as I was vetted to the necessary standard required for me to possess a Top Secret clearance to work on US classified equipment. Now I was on an Australian Ship (a DDG), that is a US BUILT guide
  6. Again, until you can be civil (or leave this forum) there is no real need to engage you, but I don't know what is wrong with you, but if you want you can check it out (if you have the required security clearance), it was a RIMPAC exercise 1988, the USS Missouri battle group, against the USS Nimitz carrier group, And YES, we had some problems with our UHF Systems, and the Missouri's Wiskey 3 specialist came onboard our ship to help me with a unit that was not working (gave us replacement circuit), and in return I was able to do some work on one of their crypto systems. I know you think ev
  7. You don't seem to be particularly smart, or you can't read or something. And yes, I have BEEN ON US Battleships, Namely one called USS Missouri, you might have heard about it. Did I serve on it? Hell not, Did I do work on top secret systems ON THE MISSOURI, inside their comcenter.. YES. I don't remember the US coast guard doing much in the way of working with other Navies, or NOAA. But until you get some respect and stop being toxic there is no point in engaging you, or supporting this forum.. I hope you go soon, for the sake of this sub. Because you are an ***. and you don't
  8. It's up to you guys how you want this forum to progress or not, but accusing people of lying, and making stupid arguments and being arrogant Aholes, will not help you, perhaps the owner of the forum will try to do something to kick some life into the forum and promote some reasoned debate about science. But until that starts to happen I don't see how this forum is not just going to die.
  9. I have worked with the US extensively, but I don't give a flying stuff what a CAC is, I don't care. So are you also implying I am lying? We'll your own experience is not much to go on, what did you do in the military, did you have access to secure areas? I have been in joint Naval exercises with the US military, and have worked on US war ships IN THEIR MOST SECURE area's, namely their communications and crypto rooms. So in MY experience, you're wrong. Of course you can't take a PED into those rooms, or a camera, hell in some places you are not even allowed to take notes
  10. Seriously, enough already, again you accuse me of lying, and it is your own freaking stupidity and arrogance that gets in your way. I DID NOT F---ing LIE. So if you want me to get as nasty as you are, I will and of course you'll lose one more person who actually wants this site to continue and grow. You (even as a mod) appear to want to burn it down, and drive everyone away. So I will say this one more time, for the hard of understanding, I was issued and held and AUSTRALIAN issued Top Secret level 6 with special Crypto access, based on the US security model, where Top Secret is
  11. From that pdf I see that a CAC is basically an ID card (quote: "A form of DoD ID card"). And again, sure everyone in the military is security cleared to some level, all this stuff about troops on the ground and NATO and Aussies not being allowed access to anything secret, is, well garbage. It's also not the same thing. Yes, now Ocean is talking about a security pass, as opposed to an ID card, and he does not (as I did) that they are color coded. When I served, the area I worked in was ALL Top Secret cleared, but within that building only specific people where allowed to
  12. I think marketing has a lot to do with it as well, "all natural" and so on, and in some respects that is right, but you are playing a bit with semantics. Shark bite is natural, and so is arsenic, neither are particularly good for you. Is synthetic insulin being man made any different from what you extract from a tree? I think I'm intelligent LOL, had a long career in science and engineering, I need to know how things work, I'm now retired and am deeply stuck in thinking about relativity, space and time and such. I don't think the big bang happened, and I think quantum mec
  13. It is Penrose that put me onto a different way of considering space and time, the idea that you need a 'ruler' to measure space and time, that the very concept of space and time is meaningless, unless there is a measure of it. So if all the matter in the Universe converted to energy there is nothing that exists that is 'coupled' in any way with either space of time. The dimension of space and the dimension of time do not exist! This Nobel is for his work on black holes.
  14. yes, well science makes that claim, but the distinction is nuanced, and I think you don't quite understand that. You are sort of confusing naturally occurring, to something that is 'natural', a car is man made and is not 'naturally occurring', but what goes into making a car IS and can only be natural. Metal and you know chemicals and elements. We get natural things and we make something with those things, they are still natural things. If they are not natural things, then what are they? Is Iron man made? But I get the impression you are just out for a fight and you like being
  15. The virus is natural even if it is man made!! (what else can it be?) Do you know what natural means? It means that it can occur in nature, it is a product of nature, regardless of whether it is made or not. All we have is natural, unless you believe in the supernatural.
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