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A German/Slavic team has found that "..... healthy people prefer their left field to their right."


Actually, the discovery relates to their search for why early Neolithic houses in Central and Eastern Europe deviated a small amount from pre-existing buildings and that deviation was regularly counter-clockwise.


But I see another thought with it.  If a person has a cataract or other disability in the left eye, their vision to the left may suffer more than it does if the right eye is afflicted.    Interesting when you need to see to your left while driving or walking across traffic.   And interesting that the problem - as shown by the housing development - is regularly to the left.  If some people preferred left field and some preferred right field, the housing would sometimes deviate to the right, based on how it got started.



So, did we naturally evolve to prefer left field vision? Do we all - or almost all - prefer left field vision?  Much like most of us are right-handed but a few are left-handed?



I do not know what to make of their conclusion that this was a "healthy people" situation.  Also, is there a connection  with driving on the left or on the right.  Although that certainly is not "always' or "regularly".


It seems to me that this discovery - if valid - raises a lot of other questions about humans.  Yes?


P.S.  After I posted the above and  returned to my regular screen,  I finally realized why my computer screen is so uncomfortable to read.  It is the set-up.   Out of necessity, the screen sits so that the main part - the part I read most - sits to my right.  It needs to be more to my left.    Something has to be done about this.  And a simple movement of the chair does not do it.   I don't suppose the computer experts will change their habits.  So, it is up to me!.  A lot of rearranging is called for.

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